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Hit Hoarders Mixtape: Music is my Weapon Vol1

Attention!!! As of the 7/18/2015 released date "Music is my weapon VOL.1 is now available for Hip Hop heads worldwide at zero cost...To get YOUR copy go to http://HitHoarders.com & download it it!!! This tape concept is a remake of the F.S.R./H2 "South West American Gangster" vision Aka SWAG that spanned 2 Volumes of work & provided the featured acts a priceless array of online & community presence in the #AZUnity work that is needed state wide! Go embrace this mixtape with as ENJOY The likes of MEGA RAN, THE ZODEAK, BROTHERS IN ARMES, and of course Southwest raps purest form in J-STORY!!!

God has a plan

J-Story has been absent from stages since far too long, however he felt he needed to step back and revise his lane, after almost a year of writing new lyrics at every humanly possible second that becomes a available to growing indie artist, he has decided to begin scheduling showcase appearance in mass amounts as his past resume provided to fans. So stay tuned everyone because if you had a chance to see him LIVE in person you would know why people who capitalize on those chances become addicted to his passion, charisma, and character in general as he treats his craft with GREATNESS in every attempt to further perfect it's appeal.. The creator of this man is leading him to bigger and better opportunity as well, due to his un-comparable drive to become a successful indie artist on a worldwide scale, and he trust in his father God almighty, so the blessings are sure to pour in once his new, and massively anticipated, full length album. If you have any interest in helping J-Story schedule a show in YOUR town then please don't hesitate to contact HIM directly at JStoryDirectly@gmail.com THANK YOU ALL, AND GOD BLESS!

DAILY UPDATES (Stay Tuned, Alot is coming up!)

J-Story is involved in so many different avenues to gain exposure as a worldwide threat to those in the feild of hip-hop music, and has to be it's a competitive sport, with so many things going on sometimes it's hard to keep up on things like the reverb site blog, and other small details involved with his online presence, but as a whole the promotional staff is more than doing it's job.So with ths in mind we ask folks to be sure to pay attention to the DAILY UPDATES that are posted on the following links listed below. 1) http://Twitter.com/JStoryPromotion 2) http://facebook.com/IamJStory


It's on it's way & set to hit the streets on J-Story's 28th Birthday on October 18th 2013, (Event TBA) the latest solo project by J-Story scheduled to be a release of all of his songs that got the greatest response online, and in the community over the past 2 E-P's, and countless mix-tape features, plus he will also include over 5 NEW songs sitting in the vault, and to be recorded shortly over the next 30 days...Track list will be revealed OCT.15th at the latest & this project will be a neck breaker off graphics alone.....STAY TUNED!

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for pics, news and more go to http://iamjstory.tumblr.com TODAY! Thank YOU for the suppot!

#3 Hip-Hop site in America

J-Story has added another event to his show schedule, and this will be a non traditional in form of a sit down with D.J. John Blaze of "Heavy Duty D.J." Sqaud who airs his weekly mix show on RadioSupa.com every Wednesday night @ 7PM until 10pm Arizona time. D.J. John Blaze aka The Talk of the Town recently reached out to J-Story & Faith Story Records for this interview after his songs like the Heavyweight Champs anthem "Rocky Marciano" ladies anthem "Favorite" Featuring Q of L.O.P., & his latest single release "SUBWAY" Featuring Comicon's own Random aka Mega Ran, now Blaze wants a chance to talk about his current state in the rap grind on independent southwest level, and where he plans to take his artistry, company, and brand to. J-Story has been working constantly since his release from Arizona state custody on December 1st 2008, he immediatly hit the lab recording 2 mixtapes, and an additional E-P w/ the lead song "BIRD CITY". "Bird City" is from the "Faithful 2 My Flow" E-P that he officially released at his first live performance in his young career via the Venue of Scottsdale & legendary bay area rap artist E-40's Birthday bash event, where he rocked the stage, shook hands with E-40, and was able to push over 30+ C-D's at $10 each, so it was a wonderful start. Fast forward to August of 2013, and J-Story is already on planning on his 1st official album release in 2014. and orcestrating the rightous concept of Faith Story Records & M.G.Productionz own "South West American Gangster" Mixtape series that has already pushed out 2 volume totalling 34 tracks, and over 1,000 C-D's pushed in the Phoenix streets alone, now as they get set to release the 3rd & final volume of the series J-Story will anounce his choice of Host duties, and all details involved that allow for physical copies & a chance to win a FREE Music Video via the most plays from that artist or groups promoting skills in a 30 day competition on SoundCloud.com/BrandAboutBelief...to date the first 2 Volume have brought about 1) NAS-T (Double M Productionz) "AZs Finest" Phoenix, Arizona (Vid on http://youtube.com/MGProductionzAz as of 4/13) 2) Brothers In Armes (Flyer than a Fly) "Gettin Gwap" Prescott, Arizona-(video drop day 8/30) ,MAKE SURE YOU TUNE INTO THE SHOW TO HEAR THE NEWS THIS COMING WED!

NEW Music Video 8/7/2013 J-Story Feat. Mega Random "SUBWAY".

7/31/2013 marked the filming date for J-Story featuring Mega Ran "SUBWAY" produced by J-Reed of Hit Hoarders. This Music Video was filmed in downtown Phoenix,Az, and by Zeek Lopez of M.G.Productionz who has turned this song into a visual masterpiece, and we can't wait to unviel this imagary this wednesday the 7th of August on J-Story's official Y-T channel at http://YouTube.com/IamJStory #PlanetJStory

Sound-Cloud Link!

Don't forget that J-Story has over 20 Exclusive songs online for fans to enjoy at http://soundcloud.com/j-story & over 10 of these songs are absolutely FREE via MP3 Download...So go check out the site, and choose a couple songs to add to YOUR musical library of Southwest originals like J-Story of Faith Story Records LLC AKA A Brand About Belief. Follow @IamJStory on Twitter & Instagram!

J-Story has a new clothing line sponsor

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Hustle Hall of Fame Tour MAV,TRAIN CITY, J-STORY & Special Guest @ each event!

The first 2 dates of the "Hustle Hall Fame" Tour have been announced and they will kick things off at "Runway Bar & Grill" in Tucson,Arizona on Feb.22nd 2013, after this on the very next day in northern, Arizona's red-rock city of vortex' Sedona,Az at one of the most prestige establishments "Relic's Restaurant" MAV, J-STORY, & TRAIN CITY will be LIVE AGAIN w/ Special Guest and this date will be sponsored by the one and only "Hit Hoarders Productions" w/ artist like Shizzy Sean Mack, J-Reed, StackzNyne, and MORE.This is the 1st 2 dates, and the tour will leak into March as well stay tuned for more info tba. FOLLOW @IamJStory & @JStoryPromotions TODAY on TWITTER! BOTH DATES WILL HAVE ONLY A $5 DOOR COVER & be 21&Up ONLY events so bring ID & DRINK SPECIALS WILL BE GREAT BOTH NIGHTS SO BRING BOTTLE MONEY!