Interview with Ivo on music, Amalgamation

Here's a nice little article featuring Ivo, our lead guitarist, being interviewed on music as it relates to the internet, music law, and some nice bits about Amalgamation & the songwriting process.


CD Release Show this Friday at DNA

We're revving up for our show at the legendary DNA Lounge in SF this Friday December 5th! Cat People and Turn Me on Dead are on the lineup as well for a most rockin night! Feel free to preview our music - get a free song on our new website and get warmed up for the show~ http://www.AmalgamationMusic.com

Countdown for EP and new site !

Counting down 10 days til the new Amalgamation website launches and our EP is digitally released. Get psyched with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show in SF this Saturday 4/5 !

We're back in SF after playing a bunch of shows in the east bay and south bay - exploring the bay area a bit more lately! But, we're back on our home turf, so come on out this Saturday night for some live music from Amalgamation. We'll be playing again outside the city for a while after this, so it's your chance to hang out with us. Hope to see you all there this weekend***

Mutiny Radio and Santa Cruz

Amalgamation will be on Mutiny Radio show in SF on January 23rd, 2014. Check us out from 2:30 - 3:30 pm (doing an acoustifed set for the studio).

We'll also be playing our first show in Santa Cruz at Bocci's Cellar with some other local bands. If you're in the area, come join us!!!

Radio Interview, Pirate Radio 104.1 FW, 10/11/13

Amalgamation goes on the radio airwaves again! We'll be on The Vampire Hour with Lexx Fenwick In The Ether on Pirate Radio 104.1 FM, on October 11th at 6 PM Pacifistic Time. Tune in and listen!

KUSF Radio Performance and Interview 7/22/13

We had a greaaaaat show and interview today on KUSF ! Thanks to all our fans/listeners and DJ Rick ~ plus my bandmates. Lotsa fun playing acoustified Amalgamation tunes. (ps. thanks all for hanging in while DJ Rick got the sound tech together :) Rawk !!!!!

Can't wait to get more airplay on more radio stations everywhere ~

Amalgamation’s triumphant Majestic Tour of the Pacific Northwest May, 2013

Modern/Indie-Alt Rock band Amalgamation completed their Majestic Tour to the Pacific Northwest in May, 2013. Completing four shows in four nights plus performing at the halftime show for the Seattle Majestics. Highlights of the tour included sizzling sets at The Mix in Seattle and Johnny B’s in Medford, Oregon. They are planning to return to the Pacific North West again in the near future.

Majestic Tour of the Pacific Northwest: May 2013

San Francisco, California, April 8, 2013 - Modern/Indie-Alt Rock band Amalgamation has announced their Majestic Tour to the Pacific Northwest in May, 2013. They have been chosen to perform the halftime show for the Seattle Majestics and are promoting their “Queen of Dreams” album.

Atomic Garden Recording ~

We will be recording with the whole band next month and doing overdubs in January with keys and background vox. Fun and loving the sound of this album so far. Stay tuned...