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Vinylraptors - KICKSTARTER!!

Can you take a look at the Vinylraptors' Kickstarter? Having activity on the Kickstarter makes it more likely to be seen. If you would share it, that'd be great. You do have to contribute $1 to make a comment on Kickstarter, which I didn't expect but I'll gladly pay you back. Also, any videos you may have... any, would be awesome! Any videos you may have... ANY, would be awesome! So if you wanna zombie-it-up and send it to the project, PLEASE do! I don't need YOU to be a contributor for that. I'd just like to have you in it! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559834643/all-the-hipsters-are-zombies-contributor-music-vid

Starting this thing off

Well, here's another tool or set of applications I hope will start drawing in comments & feedback about my musical endeavors. This appears to be the most promising format so far.