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GBMI CD Release Party for Outta the Asylum

On November 27th, GBMI has the honor and privilege to officially release our up-coming CD "Outta the Asylum"! Needing to do this with our closest family, friends and fans, we have chosen a familiar stomping ground Downriver. Drinks Saloon on Allen Rd in Brownstown Twp will be the place to be that Saturday. Get there early, and grab a burger, cause the show will open with local youngsters, Auroras of Autumn, playing a mix of current hits and older classics. These guys put on a show full of energy that is sure to get you jumping, clapping and singing! Next up, GBMI will kick 2 sets of rockin' covers and originals,including some fresh off their CD, Outta the Asylum. With tunes from the 60's to now, they'll be covering a little of something for everyone... the dancers, the drinkers and even those just wanting kick back, relax and rock the heck out!!! Tunes from the Animals, Metallica, Sabbath, Skynyrd and so much more, this night is gonna ROCK!!! To finish off the night, we've secured one of Detroit's premier cover bands, Jane Doe. They'll be laying down covers that will continue to keep the joint hoppin'. Music from classics like Janis Joplin, CCR, AC/DC & Led Zeppelin to hits from Poison, Kid Rock, Pink, Tool and more!!! We'll be adding to the party with giveaways from the Jager Girls. We're still working on Bud & Labatt for more stuffage. Be sure to join us for one Bash of night to celebrate the release of Downriver's own, GBMI - Outta the Asylum. Thanx, Pudge

Benefits – the local Detroit music scene gives back to its community

Benefits – the local Detroit music scene gives back to its community

Benefits can mean something different to many people. To the worker, they are the “extras” an employer provides like, Vacation or Sick time, Health Care, 401k, etc. To the person out of work, it may be the unemployment benefits that keep some money coming in while searching for a job or waiting to be called back to work...

Then there are the “Benefits” to assist someone in their time of need. Usually put together by friends family or in our case, a group of local bands that want to give back to their Families, Friends, Fans or Communities. A chance to take what they do for love and fun, entertaining people for a few hours, raising money and/or drawing awareness, by playing music! Collecting donations at the door, thru Raffles of prizes donated by local businesses & people, band merchandise or maybe 50/50 raffles.

Most bands don’t make enough money playing out to support their habit. The cost of musical gear or time involved in practicing to lock that set in, the promo items being created like Flyers, Business Cards and Table Tents, roadies, even a van or trailer for transportation. These are all expenses that come out of the musicians’ pocket and off of their families table, all for the love of the music and entertaining. Still most bands will give freely of their time and craft, to partake in the local Benefit, again, to help their Friends, Families and Communities. Be it multiple bands playing a shortened 45 minute set or a few bands playing a couple sets, they come together in a common bond of helping others. Providing entertainment for a few hours to bring in donations for someone in need and to take us away from this thing called life.

To some, it may not seem like much… but to the people in need, the thoughts and acts are priceless. Because they too are given a few moments away from all they have to worry about, to enjoy a moment. They are entertained by the shear fun of Rock n Roll that these local bands bring to their stage. From covers out of the 60’s to the songs of today, toss in the occasional original, people get to forget about life for awhile and just live for the moment. The moment when a Ray Street Park, Pistol Day Parade, Jane Doe, Sykofish, Mob Opera or GRAK take the stage in the name of someone else, entertaining with music for the masses; giving freely of their craft, time and talent; all in the name of the “Benefit”, for Friends, Family and Community.

Though it can be a thankless “job”, local bands do this not because they have to, but because it is a God given right to do what you love for others and assist where and when it is needed. Their return is the look on the faces of those being entertained for a brief time and the look of thanks on the faces of those it helps.

In this day and age when so many are hurting and in need of assistance, all we can do is give freely of what we can. All we can ask of you is to support that which you can. You may not make it to every Benefit, but support the ones you can, be it financially, spreading the word, showing up for that hour or 2, donating your time or whatever you feel you are able to do to assist those in need. Remember, it could be you, a family member or a friend, that is in need at the next local Benefit show.

Thanx to all the Fans and Bands that help make the Downriver & Detroit music scenes’ heart beat a bit louder.

Peace, God Bless & Long live LOCAL Rock n Roll!

Pudge * BBSD - http://www.BBSofDetroit.info BBSD – Bands of Brothers and Sisters of Detroit/Downriver