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April NW Tour

NW Tour starts on Wed! Here's the info. Apr. 4th-The Comet Tavern-Seattle,WA Apr. 5th-The Blue Moon Tavern-Seattle,WA Apr. 6th-The Mermaid House-Olympia,WA Apr. 7th-LE Voyeur-Olympia,WA Apr. 8th-The Tonic Lounge-Portland,OR Apr. 11th-The Ella St. Social Club-Portland,OR Apr. 12th-The Black Forest-Eugene,OR Apr. 19th-Berbati's Pan-Portland,OR Apr. 23rd-Alberta St. Pub-Portland,OR

Ella St. Social Club Show

Last show before we head out for our NW tour in April! http://www.facebook.com/events/393553930658954/

Feature in "Bad Acid" Magazine

Featured along with Expo 70 and Mono complete with 40 hour free download! Find here. http://badacid.podbean.com/

"Astral Plane Pilot" Released on German Compilation

New track available for free download at: http://www.archive.org/details/V.a.BasicImprintkopp.13

Sonic Frontier Review

In my hands I have the latest outing from Portland, Oregon frightscapers Mangled Bohemians and lo-fi noise maker Baseball Camp Nurse. It’s a split between the two acts through Connecticut’s Icky Recordings. The Bohemians fill up the first track with an 18 minute piece called “Scatterbrain (bad acid)” that’s bipolar the entire way through. It can’t make up its mind whether it wants to put you to sleep or make your ears melt off. It has Stars of the Lid drones mixed with riffs that you would hear on Earth’s Hex. This is the kind of stuff Richard Ramirez would’ve listened to when he was laying around in graveyards. They’ve grown so much since their first full release Degeneration that it’s hard to believe that they’re the same band. There’s been a few lineup changes since that record and the new members seem to be making these sounds come to life. They’re not relying so much on the creepiness anymore but they don’t let you forget that they know how to control the hairs on the back of your neck. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this band is going to go from here. -Matt Finney