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Status of my VCU Rams

Thoughts on my VCU Rams:

First, the top ten ranking was too high at this point. They have more work to do to justify that ranking. Specifically, they do not execute well in a half court setting. Half court spacing needs to be improved so that they have the room to make entry passes. They do not know how to attack a zone defense. Not enough picks are set to free up the perimeter players for penetration or open jump shots. Reddick dribbles the ball in the paint when he does receive an entry pass instead of pivoting and making a quick move or shooting before the perimeter defense can collapse and help. The post players have no go-to moves, so they receive entry passes (infrequently, I must add) and are not able to finish. They sometimes shoot threes too quickly instead of working the offense. I could go on, but these are areas to start on.

The coaching staff should address these areas or risk not maximizing the talent that VCU has. Oh, I still love my Rams. I just like to see potential and

need video or visual recording done?

Need any type of visual recording done, I have got the dude you need. His name is Derek Wright. Brother has got this video thing on lock: "Photo/Video Transfer to DVD, event recording for any special occasion, professional editing, commercials, music videos, music promos (EPKs), photo or video transfer to any format, film documentaries, short film or full feature, for personal, corporate or business." I have worked with Derek on two separate occasions and have come away very satisfied. He is here in Richmond, Va. but he will travel.


Light Dimmers

Thought for day: There are those who constantly try to highlight any of your perceived (by them) shortcomings,imperfections or failures. Remember that these people see your light and are incapable ( in their own minds) of matching the brightness. So to be on equal footing with you, they must somehow dim your light to equal your illumination. Don't be angry with them. Pray that they will find a way to say "I Am" so that they will cease finding a need to tear you or others down.

Humility quote

We often speak of being more humble. I can now say with certainty that humility is not something you just grab and put on like a garment. You can't just say "I will be more humble"and you achieve immediately that mental state. True humility is a by-product of SERVICE. When we are ACTIVELY involved in HELPING others in some way, we are consciously aware of our contribution to society or others. We now have a diminished need to be heard, monopolize conversations, impress others with our knowledge, provide unneeded or unsolicited advice, etc. Let's all try to find a way to be of service to others.The self worth derived from this type of activity makes a need for self affirmation disappear.

Part 1 of my TV show "Are We Really Free?"

Peace, fam. I have previously sent you a link to my initial TV broadcast of the show I titled “What’s Wrong with My Natural Hair?” This is the link to my second broadcast titled “Are We Really Free” featuring Kacie Reid. Check it out. I will send you latter parts to both shows hopefully tomorrow. http://youtu.be/lHfDCOFsUFY Peace and positivity, Afi

Check out my tv broadcast "What's Wrong with My Natural Hair?"

Peace, fam. I have been doing live tv broadcasts in my hometown. This is part 1 of my show entitled "What's Wrong with My Natural Hair?" I may add latter parts in the future. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/ejcZD5jKxXQ

Check out tv broadcast: "What's Wrong with My Natural Hair?" part 1


Empowerment Program

The Empowered Woman Conference PEACE, Abundant Life, Victory And Empowerment! Lectures and Forums Designed to Motivate, Inspire Heal and Empower! Saturday, September 29, 2012 9:30am – 1:00pm Tuckahoe Library 1901 Starling Drive Richmond, Virginia Registration Fee: $10.00 (includes lunch) Advanced Registration Is Required Registration Ends September 22, 2012 To register for this event, please visit: http://www.theempowerment.weebly.com/ (Upcoming events page) For additional information call (804) 928-7118 Sponsored by the Empowerment Works

Women's empowerment program from Marvin Roane

To view tonight's final Empowered Woman Series session: Silencing Voices From The Past live visit: joingotomeeting.com Code: 649596617 This event will start promptly at 6:30pm