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Thank you !!

I Just want to say thanks to every one who has been supporting , I am truly grateful !!!

Get off it !!

You in my videos you notice I did not do my hair ...well so the fuck what , that shit is called a reflextion to some shit and it's called FUCKED UP !! and that's something I learn and was schooled on by somebody close to me ! And as far as make up goes ...I don't waer that shit at all, why fuck up my face shidd.. I already look good even on my worst day , so do trip off that petty shit . We here for one reason and that's to GET DAT DOE!!!

It's about me !

Well it's been a minute but I 'm back I had to do some deep soul searching and came up with a new plan ..you should as check me out as Brownsky which is another name I go by here on Reverbnation ..Let me know what ya'll think ?

Stay to for more up coming music by yours truly so drop a line or so and I will most def . make it worth your time as always Stay Bless and in touch 1 love !