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Been Busy with Work, Music, and Metal Slave!!

I can't thank you all enough, all the new artists and fans that signed with or fanned up for me and my label Metal Slave, it's been such an awesome ride and I seriously feel quite accomplished with where the direction my music has taken, and where this label is going.

It is great to have such a kick ass roster of Artists that are patient and supportive of each other and of course me, myself, in my own career as a musician.

What I would love to see is each one of the Metal Slave Artists fanning each other up, and making sure that they each in turn cross-promote each other, and that would be even better if you included Metal Slave into the mix.

The more artists we have cross-promoting one another on their personal files on facebook, twitter, etc. etc. or even personally the more plays everyone gets!! The more fans being driven in a circle the more that the whirlwind will grow and encompass and expand.

I do apologize for my lack of solid promotion for the Metal Slave Artists, many of you don't realize that I am promoting, but I not usually with Metal Slave as the name. Most of you can understand that personal profiles usually have more friends then a business or in Metal Slave's case, a promotion profile, so a lot of the time my facebook page for MS is being neglected and most promotion is done through my personal page.


So find me, add me, let's do this cross-promotion and let's get yours, mine, and their music out to the masses!!

Pondering The Big Question

As a musician, we all come to a point and time when we question how worth our existence as a musician or artist truthfully is.

I have spent over eight years in attempts to make it somewhere musically, and still have not found that "IT" factor in a band, and have never truly been happy with the results of any of the shows I've ever played or with any of the groups that I have been apart of or tried out for.

I always feel that there is a lack of drive to become something more then a local commodity, a lack of drive to become something more substantial then just a small-time gigging band that plays more in a garage or living room, then out on the stage.

I spend a lot of time on the subject of giving this up, this direction that I have seemed to undertake when I was a young teenager. I love the feeling being on stage, the rush it gives, but wholesomely, I also feel I am probably missing out on a lot of different things, especially now, without having a group to call my own.

5 weeks and counting with an ad on craigslist.com and still no results, a drummer with 700 facebook likes would seem to a considerable addition to any high-energy project in my estimation, but, lately, I doubt myself in many ways.

I work very hard for the promotion that I garner for myself, and Metal Slave, it seems really that I am working my ass of for no better reason then to fill up time within my day.

And that feeling sucks...

3 Weeks and Counting...

So I've had my craigslist ad up for about three weeks, (just renewed it a 3rd time), been doing it weekly to keep myself at the top of the list, but still, no pay-off yet, and the search continues.

I'm not surprised, none at all really, the area is really bare in the musician department, at least, musicians that are likely interested in the same aggressive and progressive style that I like to incorporate into my projects, just very disappointed no success as of yet.

And the search continues

Another one...

Just sent another question filled email to another group seeking a drummer, let's see how this one goes.

Hopefully, it doesn't intimidate them, some of the questions are pretty straight-forward, which, is the type of person I am, but regardless, some people find it more then they can handle, most of the time.

I'm stoked to see if I get an answer back, it's been too long since i've been off stage and I would like to be able to perform this summer, (anywhere), cause I simply just can't handle it haha.

Love the stage... love the atmosphere of the crowd, the interaction. It's totally just the best damned thing about being a musician, and to miss out on that, is like eating a diabetic cake. It's good, but it's just not the same.

Using Craigslist, sucks

Just came off from making a craigslist ad, hah, online collab has been friggen' awesome, but I am totally craving some shows, wanting to perform this summer live would be a kick ass thing to do, just how, is the problem at this point. So, here is the URL to the awesome craigslist post I put up, check it out!! haha http://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/muc/2804066571.html

A Wild Ride

I can't believe how big Metal Slave has become with only just short of 8 weeks of life. It has been quite a wild ride already, meeting new musicians, speaking and chatting, discussing and shooting ideas, and I've had a lot of fun watching playcounts slowly rise for the Metal Slave Artists on the Roster, it's been a cool thing. I have even benefited from the creation of Metal Slave, my own playcount, fancount, and fb likes have increased dramatically, and the network that I am creating seems to be beneficial to both myself and an inquiring band about Metal Slave. Metal Slave allows you to not only reap free/advertisement and promotion, but, it allows you to network with other musicians that are also interested in online collaboration, or are simply looking to shoot the shit about music in general, with no bullshit, and no egos. One wild ride, one wild ride. http://www.reverbnation.com/label/metalslave http://www.wix.com/slavemetal666/metalslave

New Band = New Contract

Coming from sending a pretty large email, and now hoping (sort of), I just didn't scare a dude by sending him a blast email full of questions because he seeks a drummer, haha-- makes me wonder what some people's reactions are when they have such serious questions being asked, although, I suppose if they are inexperienced in any of those areas and respond negatively, it would be too obvious. In a dog-eat-dog world, as a musician, it's always smart to cover your ass and make sure the bases are covered, cause if you don't, some bullshit might go down and somebody might try to jack you're gear.

And if you've put as much time and effort (and help) into the gear you own as I have done, just getting it done, is definitely the smartest thing to do.

This also specifically doesn't indicate gear either, in many cases it could mean legal rights to the group name, rights to song/(s) or music you've created, merchandise, and even the legal right and ability to be known as an "Ex-member of..." or "Formerly known as..."

If you are a musician and take yourself seriously, want to make it, go big, whatever, a smart idea is to take a look into a "Band Partnership Agreement" at least if you have more then just yourself involved in a project.

If you are a solo-artist, making double-sure your music and it's copyright date are up-to-date is a massive important thing to do, that, above all, takes precedence, to make sure you legally own the music before attempting to sell it either hard-copy or online. If you don't own it, you don't get paid for it.

I Hate Blogs

I hate them, but, have to do them, totally sucks, one of the worst things about advertisement or promotion of oneself, or others.

I cannot stand having to just sit and think of some random shit for someone to read, misunderstood by some, and then accepted like the word of God by others.

It is unfortunate, but a necessary thing that must be maintained, so for the lot of you who do not utilize your blog features, you're fans, are seriously doubting you. It might seem frugal, but in reality, your fans want to connect with you on a personal level, as they should, most of you are totally awesome people. But just like big bands who've already been signed by massive labels/record companies, the fans want to personalize with the members of those groups.

Whether you are a local, semi-local, touring, or massive artist/project/band, you're fans want personalization, they want to talk with you, and communicate.

Still... I F*ckin' hate it.