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Time is love

Have you ever noticed how some elderly people are filled with joy and love their lives (regardless of their physical condition)? I believe if you nurture your soul, cherishing all you love, enjoying the beauty of the world, then as your body passes its peak, your spirit is just coming into bloom. And when it is of benefit to the course you are choosing in this life, this glorious essence (joy, appreciation, zest) from within may revitalize the body as long as desired.

Sabira's Blog 11/28/09

Welcome! Today we have a surprise hail storm pelting our usually sun-baked southern CA hills. It is a good time to be cozily indoors, and to get online and expand some technical and mental horizons, so I am starting my new blog. Day before yesterday was Thanksgiving (in the US), a holiday that can bring a lot of heart warming, and for some of us... heartburn... after the huge, enticingly savory meal. For some reason, we didn't stuff ourselves at the dinner table this time. We don't know why. The food was as good as ever, and we had been so busy preparing our dishes that we skipped eating breakfast and lunch. So we should have been voracious chow-downers... What happened? It all seemed mellower and less demanding than prior years, too (they have been continually improving in that regard). Even though, as usual, despite our best efforts we were running a couple of hours late (we have a number of unpredictable pets to take care of), we prepared our salads, fruit plate, dressings and bottles of wine, and drove to my sister's home with a feeling of more serenity than I can recall from other bustling family holidays. And when we arrived, everybody else was on the same schedule! No need to feel guilty or under pressure. Food arrived in a stately flow, and we all meandered to our seats together. We are getting better and better at this positive attitude stuff! Dinner conversations were interesting and often amusing, with only a minor bobble from the divergent political views rediscovering each other, and showing their muscles, before they returned to their corners. It was a happy reunion overall. I love how we have the power to keep good things happening and on course. Cheers! Sabira