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Where has the time gone?

Hey there. So it's 2016. It's been almost 4 yrs since I've written a blog post. WTF?? Where the Hell has the time gone?? 4 years ago, my kid was 16 and needed a ride everywhere. 4 Years ago the band lineup was changing. 4 years ago, Obama was being re-elected for a second term. 4 yrs ago seems like a million miles away. But we're still here. Thank the Universe and the powers that be. (and of course the people we've come to know and love, that support us and love us "warts and all", as a friend likes to say). I'm tired right now, it's late, quiet in the house. Just came off a long 2 week run of gigs and the day job which offered no days off for the entire time. Wait! I LIE! I DID have a day off in there. I had to take Michael in for shoulder surgery, so my day off was spent in the hospital all day on 2 hours of sleep. And the poor, dear man....shoulder surgery on Tuesday, and a Halloween gig on Saturday, 4 days later! Pulled it off like a trooper! No pain meds, but there were a few shots of Jager consumed. All good I say!! I still have 4 more days to go before a true day of rest. But we can sleep when we die, right? 4. Four. Seems to be a recurring theme. Anyway, the election is looming in next week's future. Who, oh who, will win the title of Commander in Chief? POTUS? Scary thought. Where has the time gone. An entire presidential term and I've not written a thing! My child graduated from high school. We were invited to become part of a really important charity team to bring awareness about PTSD. My dad passed away. I lost several other friends to cancer. Ugly curse on humanity. Our bass player got married. He left the Band. He came back to the Band....lol....we started an acoustic three piece. My kid got her license. We got puppies. Not puppies anymore. We vacationed in Jamaica with 6 amazing people. Life marches on. Time stands still for no one. I continue to be humbled by the friendships forged through the band. Such amazing, loyal, good hearted, stead fast, gentle souls that chose us. They support us. Not just as a band, but as friends, individuals. The last 7 years have touched my heart and soul and I love these people. I could not, would not have wanted to, make it without you. And some of you (You know who you are) are true Framily. Don't know what I've have done a few times without you. LOL....Slept probably...just sayin'. No No, all in jest. Sounds like thunder in the distance, finally!! I so enjoy a rainy afternoon or evening. Fingers crossed! Well, I've rambled long enough. Here's to everyone getting where you want to go, safe & sound. Peace and love brothers and sisters.

Kim Vanderpool
Kim Vanderpool  (about 1 year ago)

lOVE me some MAD HADDER. We are truly blessed to call you framily. xxoo

Mad Hadder Band
Mad Hadder Band  (about 1 year ago)

Right back atcha. ML&R

Thoughts on the Holidays.....

Every year, I find myself grateful for all I have during the holliday season. But I can remember having nothing. I can remember volunteering to work, so someone could spend the holiday with their children. I remember being a single mom, saving all year to buy Christmas gifts for my little one, a tree to decorate and ooh and ahh at....and with that all the joy and love in my heart, bursting because I've given to someone the happiness of a Christmas, full of surprise, wonder, and family. I Love my family and friends. I am so completely thankful for everything I have. I feel lucky to afford my family a safe place to lie their heads at the end of the day. A warm place to call home. If I had nothing except this security, for me, it would be enough, because I have personally, gone without, and have the past experience of having no such place. It breaks my heart that there are so many people out there that have nothing. Yes, I realize that many out there put themselves in those situations. However, not everyone does, and it's for those people I feel sad for. I wish I could give to all the children and people that have little or nothing. But I am not in a position to give to all of them. So every year, I try to give back what I can, to help someone, to make someone just a little better off, so somewhere they will have a memory of some happiness during the holidays. If we could incorporate the generosity during the holidays throughout the year, what a better world this would be. So, if in reading this, you feel like giving, there are many charitable organizations to give to.....toys for tots runs all over the place, boxes set out by the local fire dept.'s to collect toys. Homeless shelters to give food to, or donate blankets, socks, clothing or your time. Shelters for battered women and children. Angel trees set up in most city buildings......just look. Maybe a co worker needs a hand. Maybe a friend. Maybe even a family member. I am truly thankful.....to my very core, for all of you, and for my health and ability to work hard, to provide all that I can, meager or more. And for being able to give what I can to someone less fortunate......hoping all of you have a wonderful Holiday season. Peace to all of you...and......of course...rock on \m/ \m/

About our videos..

As you may have noticed, we have several videos posted. They are all live videos, and the audio isn't true to our live sound, depending on who was doing the recording. I want to add also, that all rights belong to the original artists, and we are merely covering the songs. 'nuff said! Enjoy!


This has been a trying month for all of us, to say the least.....our bassist had some family difficulties, then our female singer lost her dad, at the same time, the drummer and the bass player had wisdom teeth and root canals, one having oral surgery and stitches, the other probably needing stitches, but suffering through...during this entire month, we kept our gig schedule, knowing that music is medicine for the soul...we were all hurting, physically and emotionally, but we held each other up, offered a shoulder, and toughed it out together. Why? Because, when it all comes down to one thing...we are family, more than just band mates.....we weathered the ugly together and we're ready to start having fun again. In every life a little rain must fall...only makes us stronger. We're looking forward to the rest of the year....it's looking good so far! Thank you to everyone that was there to bring the good times in, even though all of us were hiding the hurt....you all helped us through without even knowing it. To each and every one of you that follow us, hang with us, support us, like our pages...to those of you that have become friends...you ROCK!!! Let's make 2012 a year to remember..All of it!!! Love to all of you out there. peace.

The Dash - a Poem by Linda Ellis

I read of a man who stood to speak At the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on her tombstone From the beginning..to the end. He noted that first came her date of birth And spoke the following date with tears, 1964-1994 But he said what mattered most of all Was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time That she spent alive on earth.. And now only those who loved her Know what that little line is worth. For it matters not, how much we own; The cars..the house..the cash, What matters is how we live and love And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard. Are there things you”d like to change? For you never know how much time is left, That can still be rearranged. If we could just slow down enough To consider what’’s true and real, And always try to understand The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger, And show appreciation more And love the people in our lives Like we”ve never loved before. If we treat each other with respect, And more often wear a smile.. Remembering that this special dash Might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy’’s being read With your life’’s actions to rehash.. Would you be proud of the things they say About how you spent your dash?

I Love this Band!

I have been playing for many years, on and off, and worked with some amazing and gifted people. Right now, Mad Hadder Band, as it is configured with Eric Brown, Michael Rettig and John Cretien, is one of the best lineups I've ever worked with. So much passion, great work ethic, no drama, good hearts, good friends, wonderful musicians...I am blessed in so many ways. I will always try to do my part and be the best I can be. Thanks for everyone that comes to our shows, for everyone that supports us, and to my incredible bandmates for making these gigs a wonderful, fun part of my life. Rock On !!

Lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song...

I will try not to sing out of key...lol... We're adding more songs....some new, some old, staying true to what we do. We've had a few wierd things happen already this year, but it looks like everything is playing out nicely. we've had some fabulous times already this year, looking forward to many more. We've met so many new people and made some great new friends. You folks out there ROCK! We've met some great musicians...there are some talented players out there!! Anyway, just wanted to say thankyou to everyone. I am not goig to mention any names, but we've met the nicest people...bar owners, managers, bartenders, door staff...and the customers!! OH yeah, you guys are why we all do it!! Hope to see everyone at the shows local to where you live...it's not a party, if you don't come 'round! peace out all. MHB

This Year...it's only Feb 2nd!

So Happy Groundhog's Day!! Yeah, we're Yankees originally, even though we all have lived here for decades! lol... We just wanted to touch base with everyone and anyone... The year for Mad HAdder started off @ JJ Fins for New Years Eve. What a fantastic, fun night! And we were so glad to see everyone taking cabs home and advantage of tow to go! Everyone got home safe & sound and that's what's important. Mad HAdder played a show at Shamrock right after and had a great time. What a fabulous bunch of people that hang there! We managed to book a few more gigs, so we're looking forward to those throughout the year. Our weekend in Clermont turned out amazing! We saw so many friends and family members @ Cody Jacks! What a great time!Then a second awesome night at Kelly's Brickhouse...a huge thanks to everyone we know and to the new friends we made. On a more somber note, a friend and fellow musician,Joe Davis,of Liquor Boxx, passed away in January. There was a wonderful memorial service held in his honor last Sunday. As many as 200 people were on hand to send him off to the great gig in the sky. His Harley was brought up to the stage while the bands and musicians jammed and sang to him, as if he were there on that bike. Betsy, Joe's widow, will keep his dream of Acoustics, a neighborhood place where you can come for a beer, hang out, take an instrument off the wall and play, alive. We support her and will continue to support her, their son and Acoustics. He was generous of spirit and soul and we will miss his kindness and enthusiasm for life. Rock On Joe! We just landed a gig at Leesburg Bike fest ( yes it's us, not the "otherband"...lol ). We've got gigs booked thru the year so check out our websites and see if there are any shows you can make it to. We'd love to see you!! " Let us entertain you, let us make you smile..." It's only Rock N Roll, but we like it! Rock on everyone! peace.

R.I. P. Mr. Dennis Hopper

Wow, I couldn't sleep tonight, so I got up and started cruising my websites, checking in on the rest of the world, and I came across an obituary notice...Dennis Hopper had passed away tonight. Wow. How sad. I loved Dennis Hopper. I wasn't old enough at the time to appreciate Easy Rider ( I came to recognize it's significance though)but I watched all the other weird and bizarre movies he made.Blue Velvet is still a cult favorite! I heard about his wild times, and the crazy life he lived. And he did LIVE! My hat's off to him!! I even thought those commercials were appropriate seeing that it was Dennis Hopper doing this obscure comercial, about retirement, in the middle of nowhere, at the devil's crossroads, as though it was a place all too familiar to him. Why does that image seem to fit him? He wore it so well....got on the fast lane and made it out onto the other side. We lost an amazing human being today..a person bigger than life. A character, his persona being absolutely true to who he was.... R.I.P. Mr. Hopper..the road is definitely easy for you now.

Mad HAdder & the Holidays

Hello!! We have the holidays here and for some reason, it's especially wonderful this year. We all feel fortunate and thankful for all that we have been blessed with....great fans,good friends and supportive families. To the powers that be, the Universe and it's grand scheme, we are thankful for everything. Mad HAdder is probably going to take January off. We haven't looked into booking anything for Jan. Our focus is on Feb and the rest of the year. We're taking some time to revamp the set list, rehearse our material, and just spend a few weekends with our families and friends on the other side of the P.A. We have friends that play in other bands and maybe we can catch one or two of their shows! We never get to anyone else's show, nor do they, because we're all working! But it's a good thing!! We want to wish everyone a healthy, Happy Holiday season. And if you can do something for someone less fortunate than yourself, please do. It is good knowing you did the right thing for the right reason, and someone benfited from your action. It's good Karma and we all need better Karma. We hope all of you are well this year. We will be doing a New Year's gig and then look for us in Feb...new songs, refreshed and rejuvenated....maybe even a new " do "..LOL! Peace. Mad Hadder