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Doug Toalston,but 'Toast' is what they call me. / Blog

Money Rules?!!!

Theory on the 'rich rule' and the revolucione' of the poor. Some think that until the wealthy has been brought down we will not have change. The only way this is going to happen is a group of thugs like that of Ferguson, Baltimore, Cincinatti, LA and all those other 'riotous' cities turn their anger in the true profiteering sense to other than 'self'. Those who are 'minimally' prosperous will not give up what they have legally gained for 'control'. Here is the catch...1. Those who would attack the 'concentration' of wealth and power would be willing to war with themselves for 'more, me, and mine'. 2. Those who presently have the wealth and power will collect the insurance from the loss and take their wealth and power to another place where they can continue their benevolance to society (even if minimal). Problem one, the first group has not one bit of cognisance of how to do anything different than the second group is 'accused' of doing (kill & steal). 'Classes' as we have always known do 'play a role' in society. When we let greed and self-importance rule our societies it won't be long before one 'overtakes' the other (either by force or finance). Then the process will begin again.

Changing Times?

I am a Christian. I am not hateful. And the statement below is simple truth, regardless of how 'you' address it. I am an American. I believe our 'Founding Fathers' had every 'idea' what we would be going through and provided us with guidance throughout the constitution, referencing the Bible as 'cause' for our future. The 'courts', in my opinion, have been 'dilluted' with paganism, legalism, and delusion.

Less than 5% of our population 'identifies' as LGBT (Let God Be Tested). I do not believe that their right to live as they 'choose' should be an issue so long as their right to live as they choose does not infringe upon the other 95%. I always hear someone want to say how 'un-Godly' the founding fathers were, and that the Bible is falable, and that homosexuality has 'been around' forever. Well, several things to note would be that all of the forestated are pretty blatant lies. The first item is addressed in the webcast at the end of this post. The Bible, 'picked apart' like a quote from a politician is falable, everything is when its' taken out of context', nuff said. Homosexuality has been around a long time, yes and every civilization that 'tended to promote or accept it' are all part of history...Roman Empire, Greek 'Civilization', Spartans...but they're gone. Now, the website is at Western Journalism, and is titled Messianic Rabbi's Warning

Bless You All Always, toast

Half Way In

Normally, about the June/July timeframe I begin to post some of the songs I've co-written. I've never really had the time to co-write as 'time management' is a must being a full-time employee, Husband, homecare person and musician all rolled into one. Those who I've co-written with were not musicians but 'idea men' and poets. As a 'tunesmith' the most difficult thing to do is to transition words and music to a song without bruising a 'feeling' or two. In both cases (only two co-writers) I was blessed to find a willingness to allow me to meld these compositions into what I believe are worthy of airplay. Not that through the recordings you'll hear 'radio-ready' productions but diamonds in the roungh. Blessings!!!

They Told Me I Couldn't Be Country

For a little more than a month now I have been posting songs from my second 'country' effort. Keep in mind, I'm a songwriter, and have not let genre 'restraints' hold me back. Again, growing up in a diverse area, the influences I have are many and varied. Last night I posted the third to date of my 'country' song efforts. Small Time was finished in 2013 and contains several compositions that are much more recent than the previous two. As always, there's a story behind the song, so if you're interests you can go look in the 'lyrics' section of each song and get a brief description of 'why' the song was written. Some of these are very personal in the second party stance. Some are just downright personal. Enjoy!!!

Why, you ask, did I write that?

Over the next several days I will be posting in the lyrics section of each song, the 'story' of the song. Mostly, I'm 'inspired by something/someone/ or some event in my life. And that is what I write about. Always glad to answer any question ya'll may have, you can contact me here of on facebook. Blessings, toast

Payday To Payday, 2003 CD from Whatbox?

Starting 2/16/2015 I am embarking on a month to month posting of the CDs released from my 'Independent' record label Whatbox. The actual 'first' release is a Contemporary Christian CD entitled I'm Gonna Hold On, which is in the process of 'touch up' and will be posted at a later date. I'm also in consideration of making these releases available on the internet, but am fairly leery of doing so. As a songwriter, I'm not trying to 'produce' music for public release but for 'cataloging' purposes to 'pitch' songs to 'real' publishing agencies, artists managers/publicist/ and possibly the artists themselves. This 'Music Business' used to be a lot easier and credible. In everything though you must maintain control over your 'ownership' of your creations. It 'can' be a 'hindrance', as once you 'know too much' the perception is that financial recoup is not as 'good' as someone who knows 'less', is 'more hungry (willing to give it away). If you are a young songwriter, to get your foot in the door it might be worth it, but 'beware the wolves'. In all GOOD LUCK!!!

Almost A Balance

Over the last few weeks I've been releasing songs to reverbnation that were recorded on a Tascam/ TEAC 4-track tape studio unit. The unit is the 'earliest' of all the home recording devices and was purchased in Japan while I was stationed there (1983-1985). The earliest of the recordings or catalog were used in securing the copyrights and to 'some' degree to provide entertainment to my family/friends. The 'journey' into recording compositions, for me, has never 'totally' been about trying to be a 'sound engineer'. Admittedly it has given me insight to the process. In progression, and with the continued enhancement, improvement and availability of recording 'mediums', you hear 'rookie' productions of the compositions I write. This is how the process works for me...I come up with an IDEA (which is not copyrightable in any form of publication). The idea is transferred to a 'blueprint', if you will, (until music is applied it is a poem, which is a blueprint of thought), which will be supplied to technicians and engineers and 'sometimes' advisors for 'building'. A 'demo' or 'model' is a norm to keep focus as to what the 'end result' should be of the project. The recordings you hear from 2003 forward of the 'Toasted Publishing' catalog are 'less' rookie, yet still not 'radio ready' productions. The present day 'representations' of releases are NOT perfect, yet they do show a 'progression' of education, sorta like me being a 'sophomore'. So what does this equate to? A brilliant inventor who 'needs' investors to 'construct' a product that will stand the 'test(s) of time'. After Valentines' Day the music will be posted in 'Album/CD/Release' format. My challenge to my fans, friends, 'co-workers', possible 'producers', marketers, distributors, and investors is to listen. These are 'sound' compositions that 'lend' themselves to the 'rules' of 'construction' and WILL stand the test(s) of time. Blessings to all...toast!!!

The Failure of the fallen towers

Seemingly everyone has posted some sort of 'where were you' in commemoration of the Twin Towers being attacked by islam and coincidentally crumbling. I was working for a concrete company that makes small buildings (Nashville Coliseum, Paul Brown Stadium (Cinci), Grizzly Arena (Memphis)...you get the idea). As I watched the smoldering towers begin to crumble and collapse floor by floor I commented 'How Cool'!!! One young man questioned, 'Do you know how many people are dying right now as you say that?!!!' I stated 'matter of fact-ly' that the building was 'coming down' just as it was designed to do, and that had these islamic killers had ANY intelligence they could have struck the buildings in such a way that it would have 'taken out' several blocks of New York skyline with each of those buildings. In other words, the outcome could have been so much more worse if anyone would have known 'how' to accomplish the task. We're still unprepared to keep it from happening again without being viewed as 'profilers', 'bigots', 'racists' and 'religo-phobes' (but that's another rant). The fact is, though many humans lost life in this horrific act, it was 'actually' nothing more than a failure. The minimalistic accomplishment of 'killing some' fell far short of anything cataclysmic, with exception to the 'hunting' of 'organizers' and taking them out one by one while they lived as cowards always on the run. I morn the loss of those who perished, and REVEL in the fact that the indiscreet murderous act was so 'ineffective'. Yes it affected many. But Allah knows those perpetrators as LOSERS. No virgins for you!

On The Eve Of Adventure

I'm soon to depart for a trip to Ohio to attend 'the' Toalston Family Reunion, the Carnation City Festival and a few gigs to boot. My hometown was something we all complained about in our early years. However, I learned to not only appreciate the place of my birth, but to revere it. When people ask where I'm from I always make it sound like a commercial...Alliance the home of Jeanie Garage Door Openers, Lenny Dawson, Zip-Strip Paint Products and the birthplace of the Ohio state flower, the Scarlet Carnation!!! It's amazing how many people 'know' what a 'Jeanie' is and who Lenny Dawson is, but I do have to 'explain' occasionally. I also say..."It was a nice place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit there." With exception to few things the Ol' Home Town still thrives and is the Home of one of the 11 time Division III Collegiate National Champion Football Team (Mount Union 'University') 11 out of twenty years!!! Though the industry has fallen away and the population has somewhat dwindled, I don't remember a time when people travelled to earn a 'better' living (to nearby Canton/Akron/ Youngstown/ and even to Cleveland, 60 miles away). More than anything, I love visiting my brother and his family. There all really busy people, but I get to 'tag along' for outings to Car/Jeep racing and soccer matches with my niece and nephew (now in a 'work-life'). Many grow up, go to college and remain away, but, as well many make it home and stay. As it is Carnation Week many 'original homies' will make it into town for the weeks' festivities. Two of my upcoming gigs are at the Jupiter Studios in downtown Alliance, (formerly the Jupiter Five and Dime, how fitting, was converted to a performance and art gallery). Very, Very cool!!! I will be in performance there on the 7th and the 14th of Aug. from 7-9ish. Adventure?...for me it is.


Who reads this anyway? A common, but often thought phrase of many 'partakers' of the 'media bloggers', I'm sure. One of the things that I 'do' when I'm here in Reverb Nation is to 'see' who fans me, listen to their music, and often connect. This morning I actually took the time to go through a 'suggested' list and request 'fanship' from many I know personally, through other folks, or just plain like your stuff. If you are reading this, thank you, and may your success be 'greatened' by any association we may have...Bless You!!! toast