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Regarding Nov 28 2009 show in Richland, Wa

Saturday, November 28th Monday 12-07-2009 6:34pm PT


Ray’s Golden Lion in Richland

Having grown up in the Tri-Cities and gotten into the local music scene during the heyday of such greats as Loudermilk/Gosling and Mu Meson, I learned there was one band that really set the stage for these guys: they called themselves “The Ladybird Unition.” I never had a chance to see them in their first run: they originally disbanded in 1997, shortly before I started seeing local shows. The slightly-older concert goers would speak of them as true rock gods. On occasion I would hear a tune of theirs on KTCV 88.1, the local student-run radio station. They became more of a legend than an actual experience to me.

A couple years ago they reunited, this time centered in Seattle and known simply as “Ladybird.” I was excited to hear about it, but unable to catch a show of theirs until Saturday, November 28th at Ray’s Golden Lion in Richland. I arrived late, having seen The Dara Quinn Project at Dax’s just before, but Ladybird still didn’t take the stage until about a quarter after midnight. That’s when the place erupted. Now I know what people were talking about ten years ago! It was huge, intense, no frills, timeless rock, performed by skilled musicians. I was at the front and center, trying to get a few snapshots before being mangled by the mosh pit forming just behind be. I got pushed around a bit, but it was worth it just to see the band up close in all their glory and capture some visuals on my little point-and-shoot. For about an hour and a half they cranked out their high-energy rock with a strong stage presence. They played new songs as well as some classics from their first run over a decade ago. I also heard a few covers, such as Van Halen’s “Everybody Wants Some.” The mosh pit grew rowdier throughout their set. Eventually, vocalist Jon let a particularly pushy individual know that it wasn’t a Pantera show and that he better leave some space for the rest of the crowd! Well stated. However, that just goes to show the emotions that this legendary Tri-Cities band can still inspire in its loyal fans, both new and old. By the time they finished their encore, it was nearly 2 am.

Now I’m in the know…only twelve years late. Hopefully they will play a gig in Spokane soon…

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- Matt Loi

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