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Fb Musician Page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ricks-Song-Book/204592679024 Fb Home Page, https://www.facebook.com/richard.hills.7 See You There. b"d. K.O.R..

Playin' the RN Game.

Playin' the RN Game.Thanks for the Visit. I Fan, I Follow, I Like, I Comment. We don't,We All Lose.Just due Respect to Show the Least you Heard.Got Your Own Stats to see Don't's that Do.What if Ev'rybody Won't. Keep On Rockin' & I'll Keep on Sharin' on Playin' the RN Game. Richard

As Old As Mother Earth

Sooo...With All These Disasters & Change On The Go, Plants Good & Clean & Are Ready To Blow ? Plumes On Horizons,The Skies Have No Limit, All Nice & Comfy For The Boreal Show ? Nuke Add Dicts Future,Oil's Well Out Of Hand, We'll Eat/Drink & Breathe As According To Breed. The Skies The Limit & The Waters Glow Green, Ends To Hydro,For When We Glow Green. Pee In Our Tanks To Wherever We Go, An End To The Cancers But Lose Heirs To Go. Shed Our Skin For No Racist To Stare, Oh You Great Minds,I'd Give You A Hand, But Wait..Where's The Other? I Used It To Stand. I'd Give You A Bow But Afraid I Will Slither, Have You For One Minute,Second Others To Wither. Take All Your Gold Money & Tell Me It's Worth. If Ever You'll Grow,As Old As Mother Earth. R.H. 2011(c) ;)

keeweebear(ducky)  (over 5 years ago)

Your very busy!I think you need to move to get a faster speed!!Great Music :)

Your not Alone

My first holiday trip around the internet world wishing every body a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" & to tell all the lonely people that YOUR NOT ALONE.

Nobody's Perfect.

Learning as you go. Experience I gained,Stats I lost,my Fans are still there,glad that's not a lost,a better sound ,I hope I share,as I Live'n'Learn but I got to stop it here,'cause I'll disappear .Thanks for listening & joining in. Rick

Rick's Song Book 1

9.What's Up by Richard Hills 29/02/08 (c) 10.Wake your Desire by Richard Hills 05/09/08 (c) 11.Mirror Mirror by Richard Hills 09/05/07 (c) 12.Where would I be by Richard Hills 15/02/09 (c) 13.In a civilized World by Richard Hills 21/08/08(c)

14.LAB RAT by Richard Hills 17/09/08 (c) 15 Sooner or Later by Richard Hills 18/01/07 (c) 16.UNSPOKEN by Richard Hills 14/02/08 (c) 17.Gotta make It by Richaed Hills 14/01/08 (c) 18.What can I do? by Richard Hills 02/02/09 (c) 19.Lookin' for the One by Richard hills 12/02/85)(c) 20.What do you believe? by Richard Hills 18/05/07 (c) 21.I AM YOURS by Richard Hills 22/02/08 (c) 22.Labyrinth by Richard Hills 17/09/08 (c) 23.Follow your Heart by Richard Hills 26/06/08 (c)

Rick's Song Book

ANGEL EYES 1. Angel Eyes by Richard Hills 24/01/09 (c) 2. Your not Alone by Richard Hills 04/12/07 (c) 3. Only Thing by Richard Hills 30/04/08 (c) 4. I'm Bound by Richard Hills 18/06/08 (c) 5. I'm Goin'Home by Richard Hills 15/11/08 (c) 6. Dream Catcher by Richard Hills 01/12/08 (c) 7. Heart of Stone by Richard Hills 05/12/08 (c) 8. Love is a Drug by Richard Hills 03/04/08 (c) 9,Two Thousand Zero O Twelve by Ricard Hills 31/12/06 (c) 10. Lady of the Night by Richard Hills 25/06/08 (c) 11. Mary you Wanna by Richard Hills 23/04/08 (c) 12. A Moment in your Life by Richard Hills 06/11/81 (c) 13. Living your Dreams by Richard Hills 16/02/08 (c)