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Revenge of The SYNTH + WZZM/ABC NEWS 13


Im sure if you have been following me you know or heard about my upcoming Dance/Electric album "Revenge of The SYNTH". This is my 1st project and its sure to be worthy of that! Im getting alot of media coverage for this project, it even landed me a spot on TV!!!!! A local news station show ABC/WZZM NEWS 13 "Take 5 & Co." will be interviewing me about the project and guess what....my band and I will be closing the show!!!! Don't worry though, if your not in the west michigan area you know I will post vids. The date is 10/1/09 @ 9AM chan. 13

Below is the press release for "REVENGE OF THE SYNTH"



The SEVENth is preparing to release his debut album mid OCTOBER, the multi-talented rapper, songwriter, and producer has just put the final touches to the album, and is now preparing for the imminent release that will build upon his fan base and get his music heard by more people than ever.

The album ‘Revenge of the Synth’ consists of 10 original high energy tracks from the artist. Being the lead man of a hip hop band, the album may surprise many with its Techno/Electric beats, with no actual lyrical content besides the worldwide radio hit ‘Let You Go’. The absence of lyrics makes the sound refreshing, intertwining synth riffs and transcendent melodies with a touch of hip hop makes this project a rare find. You can’t help but nod your head and want to get up to dance; every song has its own personality.

The SEVENth has said of his work: "This sound that I manipulate is more than music, it’s an expression, better yet; an art form. With every percussion, melody, or instrument I use, I try to paint an emotion. I'm not one of those rappers who feel like I should only rap or be put into a box. God blessed me with the talent to create all types of music and that's just what I'm going to do"

The album is definitely something both original and unique, which are both in demand with the music industry right now. Regardless the genre of music you’re into you are bound to find a track on this album that you’ll love. With the album artwork being designed by Ynam of Spain and a tour planned in the UK Summer of 2010, he is well on his way to making an impact in this industry on a global scale. Experience the hype live, at The SEVENth’s upcoming performance at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI with AB & Coconut Brown October 2 at 9 pm. Future projects for The SEVENth include production for Mr. Vann ft. P.Diddy & Lenny Kravitz, and his self titled EP releasing Winter 09