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Prose of Jambodhi -part-4

Haiku . Music so sweet, and beautiful, as though sound from heaven, descended below.

I was in tears of joy and felt like the Goddess of beauty surrounded and enveloped me into a sweet cloud of ecstasy. Venus, as beauty and joy all merged for long moments.

My mind reminded me that everything changes even beauty and love,or their would be no contrasts. Black defines white, woman defines man, night define day, where you end, I begin, then we are completed again.

Life is like a rose, it hurts while you hold it, After you lose it, and pine when its gone.

God is like big mother not father, mother always forgave, father was not as.

The soul is feminine and so is the Divine, What could be more gentle than a woman, which bears and births, man or woman?

All paths are tough, wrong ones or right, or in between. Look, breathe, listen and pay attention only, but not as thoughts as senses.

The world is full of magic, but there is dust on the eyes - What we see reminds us of the beauty of all, but this is like roots under the flowers.

Is it the flowers or the roots? Which will grow again next year?

It is not you that man see's love, it is deeper, it is the universal and the man is confused and thinks its the woman.

Our mind is Not all we are, nor faces, or people, felt in the heart, not with the thinking, you will never figure it out with the brain.

We are pure souls divine.

RoboKitty  (about 6 years ago)

beyond the ghetto of the mind, lost and one,
baptized by vagrants in the flowing gutters of heaven

... your blog was beautiful.

Prose of Jambodhi -part-3

Love Oh Lover

(Lao Tzu 50% and my Prose 50% in between and my Translations/Interpretation)

Is it not my own inmost being that I recognized in all the beauty around me?

Love! It was light--and I had been blind! It hurt, my heart beat so violently and my eyes burned.

The world was a fire, and all things were strange, and began.

What is Love? "It is Beauty, the earthly form of the formless, calling up in you the rhythm of that movement by which you will enter into Oneness".

Gently they clasp one another by the hand, and move on through life, swayed by the same impulse, towards the same goal. Call this love if you will.

Souls of those who love are like two white clouds floating softly side by side, that vanish, wafted by the same wind, into the infinite blue of the heavens.

Love is not the desire to see the loved one absorbed; love is the longing to be always with her; the deep yearning for the blending of the two souls in one;

The leaves of the trees fade in autumn, and the withered flowers droop sadly to the ground. How can you love that so much which does not last?

A poet looks upon a woman; he perceives the beauty of the beloved in all things, for the beauty of a woman is the same as that of Nature.

The pain in my head comes from my heart. But it is such an enjoyable pain to be Alive with Smells and tastes so fully!.

Out of tears will grow strength, through pain attain peace. Poetry and Love are one, sheltered by love which is eternal.

Be only simple of heart, and you will discover everything without effort, like a child finding flowers.

All Nature is filled with sacred awe, and my soul too thrills with ecstasy, for she has looked upon her beloved!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Friend I miss our time together, dear friend of mine.

Don’t be too shy, or removed, I'm real, not bits or bites.

We used to cry and play in the electronic sandbox,

and share real thoughts out loud and laugh.

If some day we all must die, please God try to explain why.

I don’t want any expiry date on love and lost is just too much.

Just doesn’t seem fair, why God can't let us be.

How does this seem fair and right?

Just because were in God’s Sight.

Doesn't help at all, when I'm left all alone.

In Spite of Complaints from me, why all the respite?

But if we all refused and went on Strike, what would God do? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Respectfully - Jambodhi ... ♥ ...

RoboKitty  (about 6 years ago)

Thank you and so wonderful....!
Peace robokitty
If you haven't seen it yet, I really reccomment the film "Tree of Life", it's like a visual complimant to so much of your writings here.

Prose of Jambodhi -part-2

Where is Love

Be with One with me, Oh Beautiful Love and Peace Divine. Fame and Fortune in Love, don't abandon or flee.

Resolve this longing in my Heart to be in love and free, bring fulfillment to my eyes so I can see.

I wish to adorn you, praise you with Love so fine. Love you, hold you and merge yours and mine.

Oh Love that is to be, share this joy in me. With these strong hands and heart of mine, please bring me a Love so Divine.

Oh dear God, hear my calls to thee, Do not let Love miss it's mark, let me drink from this fine wine.

Tender tears fall softly for the world, for the world should have joy and happiness. Rain brings Sunshine, and reborn anew.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Love life long

Give and take love,

what have we always done?

Climb into my arms, and around them again.

Soon we'll be taller,

and smaller, don't you tell!

The play and fun begin,

like babes with love.

Care for each other,

until the end.

Love, and cry,


. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Imagine Love

Love for the moment, even for only a second. Love for an entire day, with someone you know. love for a life time of friendship and play.

prose to be completed later today...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Love is a Verb

Inwardly hold onto the power of truth, which is so strong that it exerts an invisible force in life.

We will all ask some day why we must love, laugh, and cry. Life and love are not options.

Love is love eternal - don't damn the River, along the path of love and life. God bless us all, for we will always be blind to the full truth.

With gifts in life, intelligence or art, try to be sensible, simple and honest. Give away your best wishes from the heart.

Sometimes life can make things almost impossible for God; Sometimes God can make things almost impossible for life.

Everything earthly is transitory - but we hold on, won't release the precious past.

We must rest in the moment even when in movement. Silently observe what is all around.

Add more care and sharing in this world of "Me". Add No More pain to this world. Try if you can to have some Faith, things could change. It will never Rain Always.

We keep in our minds our suffering and our bliss, which one would you, prefer? Suffering is not getting what you want, whether that’s pleasure or pain.

Light Giving Power Expands, becoming great - change is Life itself. Spring is Approaching, Joy and Forbearance bring high and low together.

Prose of Jambodhi -part-1

Prose of JamBodhi

Nature, People and God have inspired the Muse inside. Some are like Haiku, simple others complex.

This Blog will be appended regularly with feelings in words and insights, as living prose felt and written down by me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Red Heart

Any big red heart can become banged and blue. Be careful with love and all that you do. Love with care, make it always new. Treat each day as something special with you. Someday we may leave this place from this view, Your life must be full with more than something to do. Love all things as precious as you; the world is our oyster, Treat it as you.

There will always be pain and gain, What else is there to do?

Everything is only scenery along the way, your journey will end some day.

Be kind to all you know, let all things grow, help all others, don’t be kind to just good friends.

All journeys must have an end, no need for sorrow, my friend.

Paid the price, watched the show, why the sorrow, we're back tomorrow!

................................................. Real

People know each other visually, the eyes tell us who is cool!

They are outward appearances, a fabulous fashion show.

Who knows what's inside? It's beyond the view, it could be nice or not at all like you.

Talk to each other, but never taking the time, to unwrap the person, the real me inside.

Who I really am has little to do, with my face, or my looks, just like you.

There's millions of faces, some sweeter than others, but often people can be so shallow.

What if you got to know someone, and there was no view?

Could you appreciate them, respect them, find them vibrant with you?

Could you come to love the real person, in someone, rather than the shell?

What if we were two blind people who met, somewhere in the world.

After thoughts and laughter and cry's to forget, we might come to see what the other is made of.

Could you come to love someone who you respect, someone who doesn't praise as might a pet.

Minds merge in compassion and sympathy, or trivial issues will always be there.

What would I think of you, and how would I feel, Your feelings about me, what would we do?

Could I come to feel love too, could this happen to you?

----------------------------------------------------- I rented a move a few years ago about people in Heaven. Sometimes life can be like a movie, not all the same. But you get the idea.


Imagine two angels in Heaven, happy and in love.

No worries or cares, just play and simple love.

One day the train to earth, comes along to send her back to Earth again. Sadly, she enters the train, and her lover goes before God to plea.

Reasoning, and crying he makes a strong case.

God see's how much he adores and cherishes the angel that was sent to a new home below.

Of course even God must follow God's own Rules.

God spoke gently, "Go to Earth and find your lost love, I must make it hard for those who are above. You will not be able to tell from her looks, and will not send you too near.

Your challenge is two fold my son; - first to find such a one, and second to secure the same fate.

And how will you tell her that she is your old mate? It will not be easy for even you to know!

The angel descended and awaited his fate, reborn, remember the cause, so many obstacles, he might give up or pause.

Maybe not ever recognize her or her fate. Or she him if by chance that they meet. Imagine hard it would be if there was no street, only bits and bytes of someone from a past life. ....who knows?

History of Influences, and Music Studies

History of Influences, and Music Studies

I’ve learned to play Drums, Bass, Harmonica, Sax, Flute, Bongo's, Piano, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Dulcimer, Mandolin, and to make songs as improvised pieces.

Around 1965, I had a paper route and bought a Sears “Silver Tone” electric guitar and amp, like the one that they had on display over at the shopping center when we lived, “In the bad part of town”.

I had rebuilt an old shortwave radio I pulled from a scrap yard, and listened to the Rock And Pop music coming from the USA. and England, Stones, Beach Boys, etc. There was good music on the Radio in Canada. as well, Gordon Lightfoot, soon Joni Mitchell, the Guess Who, Rush, etc. But the music coming from England was like American created Blues and Rock, and was coming to Canada soon to a radio near you.

I met John Lee Hooker in 1972 at the local University in a small room with about 20 chairs, he was not well known here at the time. John sat and held his acoustic in his arms and with his head down, he prayed in front of us. He seemed very sincere and intense as his head came up and he started to play, a chill went down my spine. I knew there was something special happening.

This made me feel something about "God", and few things had this effect. I was moved for years, and decided to try to learn blues, gospel, and play-N-pray. Feeling the music means not chewing gum and looking around because I'm bored and would rather be somewhere else right now - that is not how to play the Good Music or the Blues!

You have to be one with yourself, and feel somewhat humble and thankful, this allows things to flow freely, and not have ego get in the way of music.

Around 1973 I was lucky and worked as Roadie for Frank Zappa. He was very mellow in person, but was a towering figure, he was shorter than I was and soft spoken. Once on stage in front of people, he roared large and bigger than life.

This version of The Mothers included George Duke on keyboards and vocals, Ian Underwood on saxophone, Bruce Fowler on Bass, Ruth Underwood on percussion, and Zappa on guitar and vocals. This was the music for "Over-Night Sensation".

I stood close to the band, in case I had to sneak out and change a cable or raise the Mic stands, and the Mothers and Frank, and guests raised the roof with awesome Jazz based rock with huge responses from the audience. His guitar playing was amazing, and the bass playing still stays in my mind. I know what Rock should sound like when its played in a small orchestra with excellent musicians. I don't need the video, I'll never forget.

Met Robert Moog in 1974, at lecture in Physics. He gave an amazing demo of synthesizers and explanation for how they worked. Many times when Bob came to Canada for years we went to see him.

Studied with Gene Martynec in Toronto (70's) at Ring Music Guitar store. Gene Played with Lou Reed, and produced Rough Trade, and Bruce Cockburn albums. (and more)


Acquired a Mini Moog in the seventies, and learned how to make Sound, what each aspect of Audio makes Sound, Attack, Decay, Release, Sustain, Filters, and I still make my own Patches/Sounds from basics to final sound.

Subtractive and Additive Synthesis tools for music making became part of how to work with compositions, as well as electronic foot pedals, Wah, Distortion, etc.

Went to Buffalo to see Bob Moog's manufacturing with good buddy in 1989, bought Memory Moog, Eurythmics’ used this keyboard on Sweet Dreams. Figured out how to Rewire to have clock output to drum machine and bingo - the fun the sound the beats

The studio approach appeals to me, have one at home so you can record when you feel creative. Creativity and the Spontaneity may come when it wants to, not when you want it to be done. Analog playing and Software recording, I'm going to need some new "Analog" Guitar strings...

Thanks for listening. - Jambodhi - take care

Equipment, Musicians and Production

Equipment used on Jambodhi Songs: Pictures to come soon!

Moog Modular Moog 15A Memory Moog (two of them) Mini Moog Moog 12 Stage Phase Shifter

Roland Space Echo Lexicon LXP1 Yamaha SP90 M-Audio MidiMan 3X8 Midi Switch/Router

Casio Privia "home" Piano Korg DSS Sampler Emu Emax2 Sampler Emu E5000 Sampler Emu Sp12 Drum Machine Emu 1820M Audio Interface

Yamaha DX7 (two of them) and one TX7 module Roland DR770 Drum Machine

Tascam 1520 20 Channel Mixing Console Mackie 1604 16 channel Mixer Novation USB Mixer Remote ZeroSL

Fender Precision Bass Fender Stratocaster J&L ASAT Telecaster Line6 POD X3 Floor Pedal Vox Wah Pedal Mesa Boogie Mark2B Guitar Amplifier

CAD 350 Microphone Beyer M201 Microphone AKG 250 Headsets

Recording Production:

Everything is now recorded into Steinberg Cubase with Emu 1820 Interface. No mixing board is currently used, all audio mixed on PC Quad2 4Core @4 gig RAM


Pepe LeMoko - Modular Moog, Memory Moog, DX7 on: "Stuck in Orbit and "Martian Desert Camels"

C.R.- Fender Twin with Stratocaster on Approaching the Void

Mat Toronto - All Other Instruments, and All Compositions.

copyright 2009 MatToronto@Gmail.Com

CD Release for Distribution for JamBodhi

Working on CD Release for Distribution for JamBodhi (Electronic Ambient/Soundtrack)

Independent Artist Release - CD of 14 Songs, remixed, high quality versions. Songs not posted added, and all songs re-mixed. This may be released for January 2010. Stay Tuned. Mat Toronto - thanks for listening! ♥

Real World Records (Peter Gabriel) checked out the web page

Real World Records (Peter Gabriel) checked out the web page for Mat Toronto and wanted to find my other web page for Synth and ethnic songs RWR didn't find enough third world style music and electronics - (Myspace.com/Jambodhi is where those are kept) - - Thanks for the insights from listeners - Some people only like folk guitar, others love Blues and Rock, some only like electronic songs.

One person played and overdubbed all instruments, except where noted in Lyrics area. Creative, non mechanical, improvised and original. Music is manually played, Computers are Not Used for Cut and Paste, Real Playing recorded with software as though it was Multi-Track Tape Recorder.

About JamBodhi

Home studios can catch performances and sound more raw and chances are taken, and sweet and sour combine for a full experience of performance rather than "Practiced Thoroughly, and sometimes Mechanical and Stale". -- Drums+Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics, Horns - Mat Toronto Copyright 2009 Mattoronto@gmail.com

JamBodhi means to Improvise with the "Essence of Wisdom"

Working on CD Release for Distribution Independent Artist Release - CD of 14 Songs, remixed, high quality versions. Songs not posted added, and all songs re-mixed. This may be released for January 2010. Stay Tuned.