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VOTE for KENNY SCHICK this Friday on KGO AM810 - 10am!!!

VOTE FOR KENNY SCHICK's music THIS Friday on KGO AM810! 10am! The very cool Brad Kava (music critic) from the Santa Cruz based radio station KSCO (the show Kenny was on just before Xmas) will be the special guest with Ronn Owens and he'll be playing something from Kenny's CD. Its a show called 'The Best Music you've Never Heard' - listeners get to vote... so of course we would love you all to listen and VOTE for KENNY!!!!


recording a new song we wrote for a movie

a very exciting way to write, specifically and together - kenny is mixing and editing right now and adding some backing tracks...

we'll let you know how it all goes.

on women's radio network


ArtemesiaBlack in the Redwoods

Well in first news the 10:10 show was very successful we think... we are still refining the whole theatrics of course and apparently lighting ;) Chef Randy did a great job on the food for the evening - especially the salmon which blew the budget but it was part of the story for the show so... you eat it don't ya. :) ah making shows pay off financially is something we are still working on...

Kenny and I moved house a week before this show so the last few weeks have been crazy with Kenny also having 3 recording clients happening all at the same time! but we now live in a beautiful tranquil place in Boulder Creek - we are literally surrounded by redwood trees and a stream and there are horses and cats... its beautiful here and I do love the small country towns lifestyle... songs are already coming at me at quite a fast pace... and you just cant tell these guys to slow down... they get all excited when they get heard... we moved here so we can have the time, space and environment to just create... so we'll see how that goes... you cant know anything until you give it a try...

We have thoughts of doing festivals next year so fingers crossed... we have fans now all across the globe.. which is very exciting! we hope that grows so that one day we can do a tour of not only the US again but also europe... :) *sigh* ah europe now theres a place of ghosts :)

We have a few shows lined up at the moment which is going to be fun... there are 3 characters viaing for these spots... coz you know new show, new character is our policy...

So we hope to see you at a show one day, we hope you all buy CDs (very easily through paypal on this site) and you know christmas is coming up... and buy a tshirt - they are pretty cool if I say so myself... come on all black and silver... THATS cool! Here is a pic of my little niece she is 2 and a half and is a rockstar in the making she loves to sing and here she is wearing her very own ArtemesiaBlack t'shirt! soooo cute!!!

We are currently working on the new album which is always sooo exciting...

Support the artists you love by buying their wares... its what we not only because we just love it but to support ourselves - it all takes so much time and effort to do what seems small and effortless... soooo much work goes into putting on one little show... and most of us work other jobs to support ourselves and pay the rent... its exhausting often mentally and physically... but we want to entertain you... give you something cool, tell stories, and inspire you... well I can but speak for myself... I dont do it for any glory other than making YOU happy .... and I love you!


Some Nice comments from fans :) we LOVE you!!!

"night of ghost stories and magick, costumes and tales... a night of escape and intrigue....Some of the best singer/songwriter style accoustic sets I've ever heard."   Randy C YELP

"I want to thank you for reminding me how important music is to me and how powerful it can be in evoking emotion. You two have a gift and I thank you for sharing.  Your are really blessed: humor, music, love-WOW!" Lisa Linhares

"You put on a great show friday night. The songs,the musicianship and the atmosphere were fantastic. It was cool how you made a performance based mostly on death songs not just dark but also funny." Jeffry Meduri - Fear of Bridges

"Long Live Irma Fox!! Brava! I'm still digesting my impressions-where do I start?  There were so many wonderful musical nuances and moments. Everyone's  talents, hard work and support really created a special show. The musicians were amazing. Champagne and oysters for everyone!" Deborah Thacker

"I thought you both were amazing - I thought you put on a great show, the music, theatrics, etc. were awesome, and you two sound so perfect together. LOVES IT !!!! You are both so talented".... Lisa Weitzmann

"Amazing, titilating, and above all, entertaining! It's like trying to explain a color or a flavor...for some things there are no appropriate adjectives, so I'll just say wonderfabulositerific!" Amie Sue Caplain

"Sabine, my dear what a performer you are!  Totally enjoyable evening!  On top of your fabulous song writing and that gorgeous, rich voice, I was so impressed by your stage presence!  I am so happy I made it for that wonderful show!"   Brandi Teske

Metro Magazine Interview 7.15.09 :)


interviews, radio shows, costumes, lights...and... action!

what a week its been

we have lots of interviews going on which is very exciting!!!! and the rehearsals with the new band for our 17th July (at San Pedro Square theatre) show is sounding so amazing... I can hardly concentrate on my singing as Im enjoying our doiuble bass so much and the percussion oh heart be still... all of them amazingly talented musicians and gorgeous to boot. We are soooo lucky.

We have two radio shows booked (more to come) and a magazine interview (i'll keep you posted which one), costumes are being made, jewelry is also being made for the occasion, I have the wonderful Kim from Theory doing some hair styling, I have set designers (Amie Sue Caplain), lighting designers (Chris Sharron) and the whole evening will be filmed by the amazing videographer David (god) Manzo... we'll be featuring snippets on the internet after the show for all the people interstate or overseas (especially back in Australia) who wont be able to attend... then we'll be making it all into a DVD which you'll be able to buy... it will have the whole concert, backstage mayhem, interviews, other deliciousness and surprises....

We have a few new songs for the show... and it will all be quite the event with some special guests... DB Walker and Irma Fox... Sparkly new songs from the new album that have not yet seen the light of day outside the visitations during rehearsals are: Oysters (a totally different kinda thang) and Ponie - The Bride and Annabelle (performed a few times only in the past).

It will be a sold out show and we are almost at that point so get tickets while you can :) now thats Irma talkin' ;)

never forget:

We LOVE you!!!!

July 17 2009 - Theatre on San Pedro Square

This is going to be one exciting show.... we have theatre, which to me screams, set design and costumes... doesnt it :) I also encourage friends and fans to dress up for the evening... the theme... ghost stories of course! ha in that case you could pretty much come as you are... as in the words of the very wise Wednesday 'they look just like everyone else' ;) okay she was referring to serial killers... omg I swear today I saw someone who could soooo be a serial killer... he was like super geek... white shirt (short sleeves) and pens in pockets, and harry high pants with belt... I loved it! I want him as a fan!!!!! where are you mr man?!

so the posters are made, the flyers are made and so are the tickets!!!! so jump to it... this show is going to sell out if our past shows indicate... and the fabulous cool and funny Hang Jones will be joining us so its a triple bill!!! for only $12 ... WHAT ... yes really... thats a really fun night out! Bring the kids! they will love it...

We have some new songs for the show... we have costumes, we have set designs, we have cool posters and signed photographs in frames, t'shirts (okay working on these... but they are gonna be wayyyyyy cool!) my street team people will be getting free ones of those! lets seee... oh yes CDs of course for those people who dont already have them... and if you do have one then why not buy one for a friend... nothing says I love you more than a CD... i'll sign them and everything at the show....

This theatre is soooo cool too you'll love the experience.

and I .... LOVE YOU!!!!


New Shows Added

There are some new and exciting shows coming up on the ArtemesiaBlack calendar... you definitely wont want to miss our big big huge full on ghost story telling night on 17 July at the San Jose Theatre - San Pedro Square.

Before that on 15 May... we'll be a part of the Left Coast Live Music Festival which is a new music and art festival starting in San Jose... its people that make a festival so I hope everyone goes down there to check out quite a number of live music and good food! http://www.leftcoastlive.com/event/friday-festival/