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"I first witnessed Elena's work when she opened for The Waifs at The Capital Theatre in Bendigo in 2015. She played a solo acoustic set to a packed house of 450 people and had every audience member in the palm of her hand for her entire set. To call Elena's performance 'engaging' doesn't do her justice. She shares more than stories, melodies and rhythms through her music, she imparts joy. We love having Elena on our program at Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival and hope she keeps making the journey to perform with us for many years to come." - Colin Thompson, Bendigo Blues and Roots Founder and Director

New Album

Hi Friends,

My new Album "Feet in the Sand" is on iTunes now @ https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/feet-in-the-sand/id1178830986

So happy to share this music with you. A big thanks to Lucky Oceans one of my favourite radio presenters for playing one of my tracks on his Daily Planet show on Radio National Australia.

It's been a great year and I'm looking forward to a magic 2017, let's make it the peoples year of love and peace I say.

Take care out in the world folks and look after our magic planet.

Love Elena :-)

New Album "Feet in the Sand" out now

Hi Folks,

My new album "Feet in the Sand" is now available at all my gigs and will be on iTunes on the 27th Nov 2016. Some great players on this one folks and I think you will enjoy some violin, slide guitar, harmonica, percussion and beautiful bass lines. This one turned out to be something quite special and I'm so happy to share it with you. Let me know what you think friends, will post some songs on my new website and perhaps a few on this page when the crowd fund folks have all received there CDs in the post. Have a beautiful day and look forward to sharing the new music with you at my gigs. Love Elena


Hi Folks,

Its been a very long time, not so good at keeping up with all this online promotion stuff. However I do like to write when I do have something happy to share. So the good news is you will have a full 10 track album from me that is recorded at a good studio with sweet sounds. I am very excited to share it with you. I have some very special players on this album and I think its going to be a special share for me. So on the 1 of November it will be available online and at my gigs. Its inspired by Uluru and much of the land I have lived on in Australia. Its also inspired by the people who are active in changing the world and want to see an end to corruption and greed. Its something made from the heart and thats all I can do. Have a beautiful week friends and always good to send you love and joy. So have fun and stay you and keep on the light side of life. Love Elena

My CD Crowd Fund 2015

Hi Friends and Music Lovers,

Would love your support helping me make a new album. If you would like to Donate $20 and receive my new album in Jan 2016 message me on Facebook for account into @: https://www.facebook.com/EBW74

$3 dollars form every album sold goes to support Aboriginal Leadership Programs in Northern NSW, the place I call home now.

Its like a pre-sale album and helps me with recording costs, as you know its not cheap making music and being an independent artist. So would love your help if you dig my sound.

Love Elena

Crowd Funding my new Album

Hi friends, Well after an amazing tour with The Waifs, I am getting excited about getting back into live festival gigs and all that jazz. So I am crowd funding my new album on my Facebook music page. Doing it myself. Thats how I like to run my independent music self. So if you would like to help and put $20 into this project that would be great. $3 dollars from every album will go to support Aboriginal Leadership programs in my local area of Northern Rivers NSW. So if like what I'm up to, message me for account info to donate @: https://www.facebook.com/EBW74 Love to everyone and have fun.

Mini Tour with The Waifs

Well I just did a mini tour with The Waifs, what a beautiful experience. I have never played in Theatre's like that before and was a wonderful thing to try out. Have to say thanks to the crowds who watched me doing something new. I have played festivals before but sit down theatres are a different feel. The Waifs are great teachers in the art of performing. I really love how they play together and bring so much joy to the community. Thanks to Bendigo, Thorbury and Newcastle crowds for being so warm and welcoming. I am back in Byron Bay now, ready to record my full length album. Have the name picked out and the studio is ready. 6 tracks I will write and 6 I will make up in the studio as I always do. I have a great feeling about this album and will love making it. Hope to have it out and tour it by the end of the year. Stay happy people and have fun doing what you love. On my way to Tasmania for 10 days, may write some and enjoy long walks in the wild. My first trip to Taz, so this is going to be amazing.

Melbourne and Newcastle Gig Dates Soon

Looks like I will have a few shows coming up in Melbourne and Newcastle end of March early June 2015. Keep you in the loop with full info soon my friends.

Support local music 2014

Hi Friends, Back from a six month tour of Australia. Amazing and just so much support from the community. A big thanks for such a wonderful time of music on the road. Now back in Byron ready for some more recording. A gig may happen in July with the amazing Jackie Marshall, so stay tuned for that one. Support local music friends, so many amazing people in Australia doing amazing tithings. Love EBW

2014 Australia Tour

Having an amazing Australian Tour, thanks to all the venues and wonderful people we have met on the way. Now in my home town of WA and heading to the Fremantle gig at Xwray Cafe. The weather is perfect and have been floating in clear salt water for days.