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well Hello thing

Jefferson Colby is planning for a breakthrough year with the release of 2 full length albums in early 2010.

OCTOPUS began in FEB 2008 and will come out JAN 8th 2010.

Semantics (Metaphysical Mood Music) began in DEC 2009 and is set to be released on 2/27/10 with a show @ The Grotto in Fort Worth Texas on that date.

We are a spacey hard rock band with an infinite agenda to bring pleasure and unity in a world of illusion and discomfort.

We will also be going on our first tour in the U.S. with shows already booked in Memphis and New York for late March 2010.

We are going for it all.

Hope to see some of you around the world this next year!

you can download our last album for free here!



D. Mabe