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In support of Shaw's "Fill the Food Banks Canada", we will be performing LIVE on TV -- 4:15pm PST -- Sun Nov 14 -- URBAN RUSH (Shaw Channel 4--check you local listings)!

Peace, Sam and Luke

Rarearth Jazz & Blues Festival

This past weekend was the Rarearth Jazz & Blues Fest, as the title suggests.

Let me just take a moment here to say that it was the highest class of festival we'd ever played at. First, the staff was incredibly supportive and kind. The green room was also really nice; the artists were provided with free drinks and food before and after going on stage. There was even a dressing room!

So the four of us arrive, Graham, Jade, Luke, and myself, and prepare for the stage. The show feels great, and some videographers take great footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzd3HzTb4IM

Afterwards, we hang around to sign autographs and take pictures with some fans.

Now the kicker was this -- Kath, the producer of Rarearth, comped us a room at the esteemed Predator Ridge Golf Resort. That was the absolute best room we'd ever stayed at. The four of us were given a 2-bedroom, 4-twin townhouse with a view of the golf course, television, kitchen, and fireplace. It was fantastic.

Following all the excitement was a 5-hour drive home, which provided well enough time to debrief after such a great weekend.

We're still all on a high from that. We can't wait for next year's Rarearth Fest!

-- Sam