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Abbas Mirza / Blog

#AbbasMirzaMusic - Projects2014

#AbbasMirzaMusic - Well, last weekend I was offered to #play my #music @ #TheIsleOfWight [#Bestival 2014] it was too short notice so I have postponed it, I've been re-invited for next year. CURRENT PROJECTS : 1. To start The London Radio-Play Tour #Gig @ The Victoria on Saturday evening 06/09/14. 2. Gig @ The #CamdenHead on Sunday evening 07/09/14. 3. #Concert @ #TheTootingTramAndSocial on Monday evening 08/09/14, opening solo/acoustic for 3 rock bands. 4. #Acoustic #Metal compilation album, songs chosen, being rehearsed. 5. #Metallica medley, songs chosen, being rehearsed. 6. A Metallica surprise song done for youtube, rehearsed. 7.#Megadeth @ #MyMegadeth inspired original song "Till Deth Do Us Part," rehearsed & written/performed by myself. 8. Re-release of my sold-out album #Demolition, label manufacture. www.normanrecords.com/records/98768 9. Support to/from #Fender #Guitars Music Foundation. [#DefLeppard support the same cause]. 10. RADIO PLAY "BY-REQUEST" FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK!: As I've already had radio play in the past 'Plastic Smiles' on #Indie-#Charts #Radio & #songs listened to by #BBC @ #BBCIntroducing; you can choose your favorite song from #TheAbbasMirzaEP (or any song I've written if you prefer), you can #comment/#message/#text me hear or on any of my #pages. You can follow, add, comment, share any of the #links. www.twitter.com/abbasongwriter www.facebook.com/abbasmirzamusic www.souncloud.com/abbasmirzamusic www.reverbnation.com/abbasmirzamusic www.youtube.com/abbasmirzamusic Here are the #RadioStation where my songs will be #live on-air: Sunday 07/09/14 - #KRYSTALRADIO - 12 noon - 3pm www.krystalradio.net Monday 08/09/14 - #TOTALRADIOUK - 4pm - 7pm www.total-radio.co.uk Tuesday 09/09/14 - #GIZMORADIO - 7pm – 10pm www.radiogizmo.co.uk www.spreaker.com/show/widow_gizzzy_poo_poo_radio Wednesday 10/09/14 - #BUNKARADIO - 2am - 5am www.bunkaradio.com Saturday 13/09/14 - #QMRTWO - 11pm - 2am www.qmr.fm Monday 15/09/14 - #VAPINGCLOUDRADIO –7pm - 10pm www.vapingcloudradio.co.uk #Rock On!

#AbbasMirzaMusic @TheVoiceUK

www.facebook.com/abbasmirzamusic #AbbasMirzaMusic Well, I did accept my invite to the #HiltonHotel from #BBC #TheVoice #TheVoiceUK production team/management. How did this happen you ask? They turned up @ one of my London gigs & invited me! I went to the #audition last #Tuesday; but to me it was just gonna be another #gig ! I was surprised that it was quiet cool, only a small bunch of people about 30 waiting to go inside, no silly number stickers like on #XFactor (I am not a number, I am a free man!). Remember, I was scouted, #TheVoice turned up @ my gig videoed me performing, took my details & gave me their card; I would never have applied otherwise. Why else did I go, well, to see how these #TV things are organised, to promote my E.P/album, to meet fellow musicians, to be fed for free, treated with respect as an artist should be by all their staff & security...apart form that a free tour of one of the best hotels in #world. It was interesting to meet previous applicants from #FameAcademy & #XFactor etc, I've never done those & never will, they are $h!t. We went in as groups of 10 all sat on single chairs, individually spoke about our background, even had free vocal warm-up with a famous vocal trainer. We took turns in singing a #cover #tune (as it was being recorded I decided not to do an original, their contract agreement states they would own copyright if I did an original....No Way!). We had to do the first #song with no amp/mic or #music just #acapella, I did "The Spy" by #TheDoors, they all thought it was awesome! The second song was with no amp/mic too, just me & my #guitar. I got through the first two stages of these auditions, I didn't even expect that to be honest! You have a better chance if you have a sob story or look 'far-out', I came fourth out of the 10 people, thousands applied. Two of them had a sob #story the other dressed weird. The celebrity #voice trainer & production assistant spoke to me 1-2-1, they had allot of respect for me as I was a #songwriter & invited me back next year! All-in-all a productive, fun afternoon. \m/

It's the fault of the Black Album, not yours!

It's the fault of the Black Album, the choice of music producer Bob Rock who had a Motley Crew, Bon Jovi production background & music management Q-Prime Inc/Mensch/Bernstein wanting to make more money. Black Album? That's not even the name of the f%king album...It's called Metallica!...& we are talking about 1986-1990-ish. Up to the 'Justice For All....' album Metallica had amazing music & up till then, 'One' was their only music video & even with that, the band were taking VERY careful steps. The general public, friends & family didn't know who they were...& that was cool, being a big fan of them at college & uni, people hated the music I liked, I felt like a long haired rebel dressed in black, I was...we were...we all were...part of the Tallica family! I would force people to listen to RTL, Puppets, Justice, Kill em' All & Garage days demo... on full volume until their heads f%king exploded! I read their books, comic (yes even comic!) & bought special edition metal mags...not just Kerrang but also Metal Forces, RIP, Metal Attack etc. I'd record their concerts & videos from the telly & radio & I'd lend out my tapes to friends. I learnt to play the song 'Master of Puppets' on drums & I did a project on the band & anyalyzed the song 'One' for coursework. I had the metal posters on my wall, I would write MetallicA in my college folders, the way James invented, with the hooks on the M & A. I wore all the original T-shirts (my fav was the 'One' shirt) & the patch, Birth--School--Metallica--Death! I was not alone, there were others on the planet just like me.....

The Black Album spoilt everything! The music became 'too melodic' & less 'punky'...music videos were being made for every single, they had hit the pop charts! I did see them at their biggest concert to date with Megadeth, Milton Keynes National Bowl 1993 but it was too late, we'd reached the point of no-return, the band changed after the Nowhere Else To Roam World Tour!....& the proof was in what we were later given; Load, Re-Load & St. Anger...yuk!

Jason Newsted was miss-treated by the rest of the band & was NEVER allowed to contribute music to the band he joined in 1986 & he was a fan of Cliff before playing with them. I don't think he had any music credits on a Metallica album...maybe one song; somewhere?

It just goes to show of the immense contribution of non-melodic heavy-ness that Dave Mustaine & the late Cliff Burton had on the early Metallica & what they'd lost on their departure. I don't think the band would have dared to go in the direction of the Black Album's (& post album) musical style if Cliff was present. I don't think Cliff would approve of the black album's commercial aftermath! I think ex-band members & fans knew of 'the shape of things to come.'

ABLE2UK Charity Concert London Roundhouse

This was a great Monday show with individual performances from The Steve Craddock Band (Ocean Colour Scene & Paul Weller), Miles Kane, Billy Bragg, Frank Turner, Mystery Jets, Zane Low (DJ Set) & Friendly Fires. Money raised at this show went to help UK music venues improve their facilities for disabled people and also help to build ABLE2UK viewing areas at UK festivals for those in wheelchairs. The new areas will have bars, "so carers don't need to leave their friends to queue up for refreshments" as well as umbrellas to keep away the rain and sun and hearing loops and binoculars for those who are hard of hearing or have difficulty seeing." Steve Craddock played load & proud soaking up the atmosphere; playing a few old numbers. He is a brilliant guitarist, best of the night. This gig will be part of his U.K tour. Billy Bragg played solo, his back catalogue of politically inspired tunes, he went down very well with the young audience members as well as the elders. The cool thing was that he entered the venue wearing jean t-shirt, not via the stage door but from the front doors carrying a big box saying, "if I am not careful it will get out," I guess he didn't mean his supporting band, or did he? During the other acts & at the end of the show he used the front doors again......strange but not rock star-ish at all.....cool! Then we had Frank Tuner, allot of people had come to see him, I had heard the name but had not bothered with the music; it wasn't my cup of tea...with or with out sugar. He played solo & had the crowd singing back, jumping & dancing, even in the pit, I have never seen that kind of response since the White Stripes but even they played mostly electric. I guess if he can do it so can I, although he as brought fans from his previous music, post-hardcore band Million Dead. His vocal are more screaming, less singing; my voice is defo better. I asked a fan why do people like him, he didn't know; was it the lyrics or simply because their mates liked him & they got them a £30 ticket & cheap booze? The gig was not sold out at all, the stalls area was 3/4 full & circle area was practically empty. After Frank Tuners set which ended at 10pm, almost 1/2 the stalls area became empty! This didn't leave too much for TV & radio interview man Zane Lowe. He is a great bloke, he wanted to hear my song "Take Me Away." Friendly Fires had a small but friendly audience but as Queen once said, "the show must gone!"

MICHAEL SCHENKER'S Temple of Rock, London concert review - 12/05/12

Rock legends live, rock legends die & this one has definitely lived. Guitar, drugs & alcohol but not necessarily in that order, Michael Schenker has done it all to the point of insanity & an empty wallet. There was a pre-show meeting with a handful of fans who seemed to want to get everything in their collection signed. The stage setting was simple just as hard rock should be, both Schenker & his long time bassist rolled on from opposite ends of the stage forming a figure of eight path. Shenker fed his guitar to the audience & the crowd roared back. With a Dean Flying - V shape the performer has to 'pinch' the lower part of the V between his legs, so Shenker's stance included slightly tilting the guitar away from his chest. This must allow him to bend the heavy gauge strings more easily for vibrato effects. Shenker himself a major influence on all of classic rock/heavy metal, this time, seemed very calm with his band & crew; on his previous visit the sound engineer felt the full verbal force of Mr. Schenker's voice, almost sending him to tears. Yes he play 'rock u like a hurricane' the audience loved to sing it back, 'blackout' (one of my favs) was a kick ass big hitter; but Scorpions hardcore fans will know that Michael Schenker never played on those songs.......at least he's not in the video! The evening was certainly not a 'blackout!'

Next mini review will be for Glenn Hughes/Fish(ex-Marillion vox) & Judas Priest/Saxon all who've just played in London............stay tuned!

LADYHAWKE - London Concert review - 11/05/12

Well, my celebrity journalist uncle is in town; funny that this should be my first music concert review under AbbasMirzaMusic (AMM), I wonder if it runs in the family? - LADYHAWKE (whose name it taken after a fantasy movie starring Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, and Michelle Pfeiffer {Ladyhawke character}) played a blinding show last night in London to a full capacity crowd. Tickets had sold out months ago! Personally, I am a fan of the New Zealand native's music. The stage looked real cool, an excellent lighting system with her name in flashing white bulb display, even though she had a back-drop. Support act were on @ 8.15-8.45pm & were called 'She's so rad' but believe me she is not! Ladyhawke calmly walked on the stage @ 9.15pm, no silly intro music or medieval costume. Yes, she played electric guitar too! The crowd loved her rocking on the stage, even going for a touch of head banging but no foot on the monitors, that would be too much. Well, she has played Nottingham Rock City in the past. Her approach is simple, yet effective; shy, yet full of respect to others. She was so overwhelmed by the venue & crowd she asked a sound assistant to pass her a digital camera to take a photo of the west London audience. "Bang! Bang! Bang! On the door, from dusk till dawn." yelled back the fans, to a spine tingling light display that filled a auditorium. The fans loved the hits from her first album including 'Paris is Burning,' They were, of course, quieter on the new album tracks. The pit crowd were close enough to see the chords she played but had room enough to dance. The other levels did have 'pockets' of dancers but they didn't have a care in the world about gigs they may have been to in the past, "thank god she's not another Beyonce or Rihanna; Ladyhawke does her own thang" a punter added. There were the odd mixed felling about the show, "boring" said a group of 3 females, leaving asap to miss the exit queue. Another group of females were going 'mental' & having their own party on level 3. To end her 70 minutes on stage, she played a two song encore, last of which was 'My Delirium,' her biggest hit to date. At the end of the song she politely thanked the audience for their support, said goodbye & walked off stage. The band management had booked an aftershow. To some, it may seem strange for what I might call moody-electro-indie-pop to be played loud on electric guitars but tonight live, it worked!

The O2 Islington Academy in London

The O2 Islington Academy in London offered Abbas a support slot for Kerrang rock band 'What Now.' Recently Abbas met & chatted with Noel Gallagher at the iTunes Festival. "I mentioned to him that I was a songwriter & of his influence," Noel asked, "yeah but are you any good," cooly I replied, "i'm okay but not as good as you".....lol