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A New Begining Has Begun

Well, I finally got ma-self a studio and started recording. The "Sonic Spa" in North Toronto, my ground zero is. The Engineer/Producer there is a fellow by the name of Jon Mykal. A very talented chap, who has done a brilliant job thus far at capturing some good performances by my chum Bobby Kelly on drums and vocals (and hopefully bass at the end of this week), as well as a vocal performance by my gifted step-daughter, Madison. We have laid my lead vocals and my acoustic guitar track (not in that order, necessarily) and played around with some other ideas. Oh, perhaps I should mention the song I'm working on is called, "How Far". Many of you may know it as "All I Wanted". It hasn't all been fun and games. This song has truly metamorphosed it's self it to something far greater then originally planned. Be coming grander and more difficult to organize then I was anticipating. But I know, that if I hold on and see this through it will be well worth it in the end. The next song in my sights will be the track posted on this site as "Bad News". It will be a "night and day" of sorts as far as it's finally sound as compared to "How Far". Can't wait to share. In the mean time, please have a listen to the newly re-recorded tracks of the three posted songs. Still, all done at home but with great attention to detail. Cheers Daniel June 14 2010