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Do you meditate? We here at Clowns Central have a theory... We believe that meditation can do for a person, what tuning a guitar's strings can do for that guitar. Except in this analogy, you, the person meditating, would be serving as both guitarist and guitar, and the music you would be making...would be your life.

Why not you...?

Are you a non-musician who's always secretly wanted to pick up an instrument or learn to sing, but figured "It's too late for that now, I'm too old" or "That's just not me"...? We're here to tell you that it *could* be you, and it's *not* too late. You know when it's too late? When you're dead, and not a minute before. Go ahead and try -- the world doesn't yet have too much music in it...

Music Alert!

The Tragic Clowns would never presume to tell you what to do with your life...but we'll opine in our non-pressure-y kind of way that if you were to sample SF band The Galloping Sea, you might not regret it...


Clowns abound!

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