Introduction to a society of mass consumeristic selfishness

We Live in a Crazed Society .. working to consume.. consuming to work.. the illusion of the Self causes us to Seek out only that which satiates our desires. We must WAKE UP! to the Confines of the chains that we bind ourselves By.. How does one Unplug from the System? Simply do not participate.. do not participate.. We Have been entrained to Not only to participate but to scratch and claw our way to the top using others as the ladder on the way up.. And for what.. which oh so Grand prize awaits those that Make it to the Top at the expense of others? Merchandise, Status, Rep? at what cost? These things are dangled in front of us like a Carrot on a stick in front of a Donkey.. and the reason is clear.. To keep the Invisible lines of the System we are all inundated into.. Tightly wound around us Be Safe Ya'll B