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A CrossRoads Act - Yeah Thee Me

Reordered my tunes and put up a BLUES / UNDERGROUND / LO-FI shingle. The front of the line on my setlist is a solo blues act. Well, pretty damm bluesy. Doubt you'll hear a turnaround. I'm too rockSteady for one of those. Thee Mr. John Lee Hooker said I could get away with it. http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2273792 Hope you enjoy it_________

%%%Heh% YOU% Yeah You% %% %% %% YOU ROCK

Really - thanks for listening% you guys are all great% You know, everybody needs a good introduction - hell - me especially. It's really a challenge to get a good solid introduction these days. Me? I've generally been something of a mysterious loner in want of a true mystery, and obligated somewhat as it may be to remain something of an enigma - well - enough said, other than, "Thank you for that introduction, Sir". Well, let me introduce myself with a song - Rowdy Music - something of a response to neighbors who might get annoyed at late night song singing that never seems to stop - had one on Grandview who could have benefited from some sort of polite explanation (much less accepting than the average officer of the peace - in terms of ordinances and minor transgressions). Hope you enjoy it_________

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