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Here are a bunch of things that my good buddy Jeremy Wilson had written for his web site. WWW.mastanmusic.com "Tony Smiley is a one man band who packs the dance floor show after show. His mix of rock, human beat boxing, 80's new wave rhythms, and yes, dash of Mongolian throat singing, combine into one huge mountain of a performance. His songs are original, groove laden works of art that most importantly, rock!" "Tony Smiley is a one man band super great song-writing freak! His songs literally wisk you away and make you want to move to infectious groove and world class melody. Tony doesn't just play every instrument (LIVE TOO!), he sings with real chops. He's going to actually be huge one day, because he is actually really really good. Portland, Oregon - One-man band and talented singer-songwriter Tony Smiley has signed to artist owned and operated indie music label and audio-video production company, MastanMusic. "Tony's got what it takes to make it as a musician. He's prolific, an accomplished musician, has a great voice and loves to connect with people when he plays out. People go crazy for Tony," said Jeremy Wilson, artist/owner of MastanMusic." "Tony is an Oregon native and has been playing music for over 20 years. He grew up in Hood River listening to The Police, Motley Crue and Chuck Mangione. Dubbed the "one man riot loop ninja" by fans, he has created a one-man band sound that mixes up funk, folk and grunge with beatbox and even a dash of Mongolian Throat singing. Asked who he thought he sounded like, he replied, “Pinback, Helio Sequence and Outkast.” Then he thought for a second and added, “and Tears for Fears.” Someone else at the table Tony was being interviewed at said, “Soundgarden, the Talking Heads and the Grateful Dead!” "In the studio and in performance Tony builds his songs one loop at a time. Unlike most loop pedal artists, he doesn’t use any pre-recorded loops. He generally starts with a rhythm guitar track, then adds a bass line. Next, he either lays down a beat at a drum kit or steps up to the mic and beatboxes his own drum track. Then comes a lead riff on guitar and then he starts singing, passionate, groove laden songs and the audience immediately connects. With all his loops firing like a well oiled machine he is free to unleash a barrage of wah pedal funk, crunchy distortion or flurries of fretboard riffs. More often than not where and whenever Tony plays, the dance floor "gets down" with enthusiastic audiences who cheer for more when the show is done." "It was at one of Tony's fine performances that Jeremy Wilson first heard and met Tony through fellow artist and MastanMusic producer Sam Densmore when Sam's band Silverhawk played a show with their old pal at the ACME club in Portland, Oregon. "Tony's pure talent and enthusiasm for what he does is what immediately drew me to his music and awesome live show. I knew from the first time I heard and saw him play that I wanted to talk with Tony about helping him release his music and getting it out to people," ads Jeremy about his first time seeing Tony live." Thanks Jeremy