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In March, we played for the first time in a local pub in Clifton called Paul's Bar and Bowling. The owner of Paul's had this to say: "Carmen, you guys were nothing short of sensational! Very enjoyable show. Thank you and your band. See you again April 4th".

Heading towards the finish line!!

We've got the ten songs we want for the CD picked, and we know your gonna like the next five as much as you liked the first! Decided to inclued 2 covers, Cripple Creek, and Specialty Records hit Boney Maronie by Larry Williams and do 'em RRD style. We're going to be putting alot of energy into planning our trip to Germany in January, we will be starting our tour with our friends The Lewinski's on Jan. 15th.we will keep our German fans abreast of date's as they come in. Our next tune to be released to our fans will be Down In The Valley, a kind of retort to The Ridge. Frank and I were brought up in the Valley and we just thought that we should stand up for the hometown. The artwork has been aquired from renown artist Andy Russell. We will be using his painting titled - 1960 Buick, for our cover art. It looks fantastic!! We're sure it will add alot to our total package. Going to set up free downloads for our facebook and reverbnation friends and fans as soon as I can figure out how to do it! Bobby Buontempo has been remixing and mastering our tunes and they sound great. He's cleaned them up and really made 'em pop. Bob Monroe has been taking pictures while we've been recording which I'll post whenever he gives them to me. And a big thanks to Jim's Studio for putting in so much time and energy into our project.It takes the entire RRD family to make this happen and that includes our fans and friends. Thanks so much for helping us get started and staying with us. Keep listening and spreading the word. Real Rock Drive will be performing at Hot Rods BBQ, Wharton ,NJ this Sat. Aug 29th so come on down if your New Jersey. That about all for now so talk to ya soon.

I'm mad as Hell and I Threw My Cell Phone Out The Window!

We got the most plays yesterday since the bands been on Reverbnation! It seem's I Threw My Cell Phone Out The Window, is a timely tune. Who say's a little controversy mixed with downhome humor isn't a good thing? Isn't everyone just sick and tired of looking at every human being on the planet with an electrical device shoved in his/her ear, talking to apparently no-one walking down the street, in their car, just EVERYWHERE!!! Well I am! And what about those people driving 30mph in the fast lane chattin' and textin' their little fingers off...I can pick'em out a 1/2 mile away! Well it's about time this B.S. comes to an END! Let's start a Movement, Hell, a REVOLUTION! Throw those Cell Phones out the Window, we didn't need 'em before we had 'em, we don't need 'em now!! Do your girlfriend and/or boyfriend a favor and maybe save their life!! If their talking and textin' and tweetin' while they're driving...just throw their Cell Phone out the Window! Right now it seem's from the reaction I've been receiving that men are much more willing to get rid of those phones than women. So send us the reaction you get in your family or with your significant other. Let's get this thing started, send me videos of you or anybody throwin' their Cell Phone Out The Window. The clip and you might be added to our upcoming video! That's it for now but I'm SURE there will be more to come! C.C. Real Rock Drive

Hot, steamy, summer...

Alot has been brewing this week. We are planning a short tour of Germany in January, and starting to set up our NYC Country invasion, If you didn't know, NYC has only 2 country bars, Brooklyn's doing better, but were not there yet! So we will invade the "NO Country Zone", NYC, in the Fall. Keep an eye out for upcoming dates. We go into the studio on Wed. to start recording one of my new songs, in fact it's my favorite (songs are like kids, you love em all but you always like one best, ie. Tommy Smothers). I wrote it driving home from Nashville a couple weeks ago, I do my best writing in the car, I guess its the solitude that lets your mind wander and be creative. Anyway, it's funny, it boogies, and it's a song that all of you will relate to, I am sure!!! We've been at #7 NYC country charts for a week now, which is great but, gotta get to #1. Hell, Drive is part of our name. Can't slow down now, too close! "Stay cool and we'll talk soon.

Summer Blog

Since I'm not much of a blogger, this may be my seasonal blog for the summer. We've cracked the top 10 in the local charts and we're still pushin'! New songs are being worked on everyday, with two more already in the oven, keep your ears open in a few weeks for more new tunes! A new album project is in the works with Rockabilly and Rock & Roll legend Marshall Lytle. Won't that be great! Thanks for all of your support for our music and your continued listening. Well that's all for now. Gotta change strings and walk the dog. Enjoy the summer

Real Rock Drive's First Blog

We've been in the studio recording and writing and whatever else for the last 12 weeks or so. The band is finding it's identity and the tunes are sounding great. For a couple of us this electronic press kit, internet stuff and such is a new thing. I went to ten clubs in NYC with a press kit and they looked at me as if I just got off the set of Back to the Future...with responses like, we don't accept paper or CD's, we only book through our website, ect...ect...so it's off to the unknown reaches of the internet to sell our talent to untold billions and billions of people around the globe. Boy, that's sound great, hmmm there maybe something to this thing. So now WTF do I do? Join Reverbnation and start electronic distribution of our stuff! BTW does anybody listen to radio anymore, anywhere, anytime???? Okay, this end my first blog, and I feel like I should get a gold star on the top of my paper for my efforts. Now I have to go and clean the eraser's and find a teacher to give an apple to, and no the computer kind of Apple, the red kind that grow on tree's.