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The Full Email Inerview w/Beatroute Part II

Jeff/Elise Chemistry

It goes back to the concept of 'sex rock', as it were. The idea we had was to have that juxtaposition be a key element to our vibe simply because it's something you see everyday, not just as a male female thing but, from a broader perspective, more about the fact that relationships between opposites are always necessary to provide balance within a structure. To be honest it's hard to describe the chemistry without a PhD, you've just gotta see it and get whatever you can out of it.

Live Shows/Upcoming Release

We like to make sure there's something stimulating for everyone at all times and we're always just trying to push ourselves to try things in newer, more fun, more exciting ways and apply them to the next show. The last show we played we experimented with hiring a lighting director and we all felt it added a much bigger dynamic so this time around we're hiring the same guy but paying him more money so we can pull off the more intricate stuff we've been plotting out. We've got some other goodies planned like a raffle for some prizes from some awesome local companies and we're discussing the possibility of having a sponsored VIP section with perks like food and drinks on the house. We work with the focus of having at LEAST as much fun as our crowds.

Calgary Scene

For the longest time we've felt Calgary's scene was lacking but in the last year or so we've seen this city's response to local live music grow exponentially and we're loving its direction. The best part about it is that everyone we've worked with was willing to work with us as much as we were with them, not compete with us for first place. It's like a zombie apocalypse and Calgary's scene will not only survive but has the potential to flourish if we all stick together. Rather than picking up and moving to a place like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, we really want to stay with our roots and, through touring, change the current nationwide view of Calgary as having not much more to offer other than cowboys and the stampede.


Near future is tour, tour, tour. We've also started writing again with plans to record in April or May and release an EP by summer.

The Full Email Interview w/Beatroute Part 1


The band started with Eric and Jeff jamming a number of years ago in Eric's basement with nothing serious in mind, but it stuck and they kept going. Fast forward to summer 2009 and they met Elise who had a solo career on the go. She was bored and wanted to start working in a band instead and through her we had a New York based record label interested in signing us but this prospect put us through a couple months of high stress writing and demoing everything we possibly could. The stress acted as a filter and we lost a couple of our members. We'd planned to hold auditions for a drummer but only made it as far as only one audition before coming to the decision that Nate was the right pick for the crew. In the end, going our separate way from the label allowed us the freedom to do our own record the way we wanted to do it without having suits nitpicking at details like production value or the number of hooks in a song. Without them though we wouldn't have wound up with the really solid line-up of dedicated musicians we have, with a unified goal of living music full time so we haven't looked back since.

Sex Rock

Sex is the beginning of life and we decided we hate the genre question as it is so this is us trying to begin carving our own niche into the mountains of rock, plus it grabs attention. To be honest, we prefer sexy circus rock, or even just circus rock, mostly because our lives play out like the big top most of the time.


The writing process was tied in with the history of the band. All of it's evolutionary stages are represented to date and it sums up where we've been and hints at where we hope to go. As far as the recording process goes, our buddy Brandon Kam brought literally every piece of his gear over and combined it with ours so we could do it all in our house and at our own pace so we could focus on having fun with it and getting the best, most spontaneous performances.

First Album

Hopefully something you've never heard before. Each one of us is very unique as personalities go and we all hold very different musical tastes but we all feel it's a really good representation of all 4 backgrounds with a very organic and lively presentation. It's not something you'll be able to fall asleep to.


No. There are ups and downs but without those we wouldn't be here, doing this today, talking to you right now. Eric says he regrets not charging his phone in Vancouver.

Go For The Eyes CD release linup

Now that the Packers have won the Superbowl we can share the big news for our release party! If you didn't think a local show could get any better, you'll be floored to know that one of Calgary's most beloved rock band's Frankie McQueen has just joined the bill! See GFTE with The Nix Dicksons and Frankie McQueen on F...eb 25th! Presale tix now available at www.gofortheeyes.bigcart

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We just got back from our BC tour and we are hitting the studio to finish our debut album. Stay tuned!


Radiopark Thursday, July 29th

This will be the kick off show for the Black Phoenix Orchestra mini tour

Black Phoenix Orchestra - http://www.myspace.com/blackphoenixorchestra

The Electric Monk - http://www.myspace.com/thelectricmonk ... Go For The Eyes - http://www.reverbnation.com/gofortheeyes

Go For The Eyes On Tour

We have never been on tour before and this is very exciting for us! jsdafhbvpweirgjbaohfbgn!!!!!

We will be making our way through British Columbia in late September early October so stay tuned!

If you have any information that could help Go For The Eyes on there travels please pass it on!

--- jeff@gofortheeyes.com

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Free Tickets?

Go For The Eyes is going MAD!! Check our Facebook page for your chance to win tickets to the Thursday, May the 6th show @ The Radiopark music room --- www.facebook.com/gofortheeyes

To Much Sex and Not Enough Rock n' Roll

In 2005 Calgary got its first look at the worlds first ever "Circus Sex Rock" band - Go For The Eyes. Unlike any other Calgary band, Go For The Eyes brings an energy that is yet to be rivaled on stage, as well as a sound that resembles an explosion to the chest of any listener aiming for a good time . The dynamic vocal duo of lead singers - Jeff Turner and Elise Roller sets a beauty and the beast esque tone, while Nate Raboud (drums) and Eric Svilps (bass) gives off a highly animated and high-powered rhythmic groove that is sure to make any body's hips wither and wale. Add the astonishing lead guitar of Dylan Taras executed with precision and flare that only this man could wield and you've set the mood for a Saturday night feel that only Go For The Eyes can induce.