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Wrapping things up in 2012

As the end of the year(or world, if you believe such nonsense) approaches, we would like to thank those of you who have supported us along the way. This year has proved to be an especially difficult one for the band. With the loss of one member when we had just released our debut CD (a painstakingly untimely affair) and the news that another member would leave by the end of the year, we fell back and re-doubled our efforts to organize the band. We decided that it would take a fresh approach to tackle the business side of music. We used this hiatus as an opportunity to gather all the lessons(some enlightening and others disheartening) we had learned over the last few years and create operational guidelines for success. Instead of allowing ourselves to become disenchanted during this tough period, we decided to become self-relient and, as a result, empowered. This may seem like a bunch of self-help BS, but it came about when the three remaining members decided to get everything off their chests. It felt great to get back on stage at the end of the summer and see all the familiar faces in the crowd. Lot's of new ones too! Thank you to everyone that believed in us and our ability to overcome these struggles. Your support means more than words can possibly convey.