Welcome to bassist Jason Lane ! + 2016 Update

2016 has been a busy year for Skull Hammer. First, we added bassist Jason Lane to the band earlier this year,(all the best, Nick) and also played some local shows with the new line-up to some great crowds. Thank you to all who came and raged with us ! Plans are for the band to enter the recording studio before the end of the year to record the next full-length album. "Resisting Time" will be the title (and title track), with stunning cover art by Dusan Marchovic ! More info to come......

New Music and Next Album

We have been busy and hard at work on material for the next full-length album. Bashing out songs in the practice room through this summers heat was truly blistering. Some songs have already been played live, some songs will not be heard until the album is finished. We have taken time to really go over different elements of each song and want this to be the best Skull Hammer release to date. We want to thank all our loyal and beloved friends for sticking with us. P.S. Thanks to John and Night Demon for a great time in RI !

Welcome new drummer Chris Gervais

We want to thank and welcome our new drummer Chris Gervais into the band. Chris is an excellent musician and has played in some killer local bands ( Rawhead Rex, Lucubro) and has the perfect musical style for drumming in Skull Hammer. We had a great practice yesterday that ended with some good food and beer to celebrate. We are already working on new songs and will have a new album to record and release this year. Stay tuned for more details as they happen!

Crush Your Enemies Tour 2014

We have just returned from Crush Your Enemies Tour 2014 with fellow Mass. Metallions Seax. We had the best time with all who came out and played to some insane crowds. Thanks to all : Jersey to Pittsburgh to Ft. Wayne, IN, to Detroit and the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Fest in Chicago, IL with Grim Reaper, Riot and 2 days of all-out great metal music and good times !! Bangovers all around Metal is alive and well in the US!

Templar Guitars

We are extremely proud to be working with Templar Guitars and to have top of the line custom instruments at an affordable price. Contact them before the end of Jan. 2014 for 40% off a custom-made Vanquish V. www.templarguitarworks.com

Unsigned Heroes Cable Access TV Show

We want to thank our good friend Bob Meloccaro and the crew at DoubleACSTV Attleboro for having Ace on to talk about the history and future of Skull Hammer and play all 3 videos in a full 30 minute segment about the band which aired on local access TV ch. 15 on 9/2/13. Unsigned Heroes is a great show dedicated to local music that supports the musicians and the scene. The crew was also extremely friendly and supportive. Great bunch of people who really loved the music and stayed to take pictures with Ace and really had a great time. Check out the complete show: http://youtu.be/lYsJK2JxncI

4th of July Warriors of Metal Fest Post

We got back this week from WOM Fest VI in Pataskala, OH and it was absolutely incredible. Thanks to Datis, all the bands and all the fans who support the music and make it happen every year. If you haven't gone yet, do yourself a favor and attend next year. Hope you all have an enjoyable 4th of July ! Hails and horns of mead for all !

Interview with Dj Valkyrie

Here is the link to the interview with DJ Valkyrie from Nuclear Rock Radio 5/10/13 : http://djvalkyrieinterviews.podomatic.com/entry/2013-05-11T13_48_12-07_00

Thanks to DJ's Riot and Valkyrie

We want to thank Riot from Sonic Asylum and Valkyrie from Nuclear Rock Radio for the great interviews over the last couple of weeks, as we count down to WOM VI. Check out the link to the latest interview on our Facebook page. Don't forget to order tix to Warriors of Metal June 28 & 29, 2013.

Return to Ralphs !

We are very happy to return to Ralphs Rock Diner Saturday 1/12 with Seax, Lore, Triforium Dawn, The Fateful Hour. We will have FREE Warriors of Metal Fest promo CDs at our merch booth.