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#1 in Midland on ReverbNation

Loudfinger #1 in Midland! - Not that we put much faith in the ReverbNation ranking system, but after 6 years of live performances in the area, Loudfinger has finally claimed the #1 spot. To all our fans and supporters - THANK YOU! See you soon, guys.

Thus spoke The Lord...

... and The Lord did appear before The Band, speaking thusly: "Behold... In thy right hand doth thou hold the righteous power of The Rock. And in thy left; The Suck. By which hand shalt thou write thy destiny?" ‎... and then The Lord said: "... other left..."

Spring 2011

This is a busy time for Loudfinger! Eddie "#4" Livingston has joined Loudfinger for both the album and upcoming shows. He's an all-out pro musician and BMX champion. Check out his Wiki page! Between rehearsing for our road shows, we've been laying tracks at Wireline Studios in Midland. Samples of the studio cuts are in our music section. Out-of-town friends, please contact us if you'd like to be on the "street team" to help bring Loudfinger to your town! We'll hook you up with freebies! Chris has been cranking out new artwork for shirts, stickers and most recently our temporary tattoos. We can barely press enough $5 gym shirts to keep up!

Mike Speck kicks ass!

We just finished our second rehearsal with our new drummer, Mike Speck and he is amazing! We've only got a total of three rehearsals before we play at Hot Shots this weekend, so we're definitely cramming, but Mike is so easy to work with that I'm predicting we'll have no problems this weekend. Since Mike grew up on rock and roll, he anticipates all the breaks, and turn-arounds, so it makes it rehearsals really fun.

One down...

Finally made it to Wireline and started work on the new demo. We laid all the tracks for Wayside. Just waiting on mixdown and then we'll release the new version to the fans!

Loudfinger Rising back on track...

Loudfinger will be back in the studio in January to record our upcoming release: Loudfinger Rising!!!