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Our CD is out!

Hey everybody! We just had our CD release show this past Saturday which means that our CD has been released (never would've thought, huh?). We've had an amazing time over the last 6 months recording and getting everything ready and we're super stoked now that it's available for sale!

So check out our music and contact us if you're interested in a CD and message us if you want to become our friend and just talk about music or whatever!


The Time is Near

We are about a month away from having our first full-length debut album out! In the meantime, buy something from our new merch store!


We are looking into recording our music soon!!! You will def be hearing about our album sooooooon!!!!


Hey everybody!!! We are currently in the process of getting ready to record our first cd within in the month and are absolutely ecstatic!! We can't wait to see what our music has in store for us.