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It looks like Shantae Sexy is having a blast with her latest album project, JanSecond.

Already releasing cuts off for her dedicated listeners and music lovers, she explains in recent interviews what is new with her for 2017!

Shantae Sexy's Special Day Announcement

If you're in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (or willing to travel) you'll be glad to know that Shantae Sexy will be celebrating her special day at The White House Night Club.

" Yes the Ace asked me when I wanted to celebrate and I chose the day after. "

She explains that she's not as big on partying like she used to be but still can turn up and knows all the current and past dance moves.

"Every now and again I like to go out to club venues. I'd rather be performing or producing/recording than just hanging out, but this is different, you know?"

When asked if she has any big exclusive plans for that weekend, "Absolutely, I'll be at the game (Panthers) and other than that just relaxing like I always do. Being I'm still rather new to the area, I am moreso just getting acquainted with the hot spots and how I plan to venture out . Mainly businesswise."

Any special wishes and she just sighs and laughs..."Yes #1 but I'm going to play it safe and not get my hopes up too high.I just in general expect to have a blessed day where I'm just doing what I do best and that's be me." Be sure to check out Shantae Sexy's lyrics on the main profile page and if you're on Instagram be sure to Follow (she follows back).

Got Lyrics?

Shantae Sexy is making all lyrics to her self-written and self-produced tracks for all of you listening pleasures.

"It's nothing like singing along to a song and knowing exactly what you're saying. I love singing along to other people's songs and even though I took a long time to want to make all of the lyrics available...I think it's not ever too late to do that." ~Shantae Sexy

More music is on it's way from your favorite indie female producer/artist with a mixtape and another complete album that she refers to as the "newness".

"Oh yea, people thought they loved my music prior but ...yea they gonna love the newness."

Meanwhile visit the page and check out the lyrics, share with your friends and if you are musically inclined post your cover videos of you singing/rapping or using instruments to perform the songs. If you dance show us what you got #ShantaeSexyCover

Everyone is pumped up about her new music and looking forward to more .

Piekit Records officially launched in 2005 and is now at 10 years here in 2015.

Help celebrate by posting your flyest cover videos.

#2 on the Hip Hop Charts

Shantae Sexy has many goals, yet one was to be at #2 for her birthday which happens to be January 2.

The goal has been reached and not only #2 on the charts of well over a million other talented musicians , producers and labels, but she is the only female in the Top 10.

Let's celebrate with Shantae Sexy aka Izm!!

On CD Baby search Shantae Sexy for a special celebration promo of $2 on full album CD and downloads.

On ShantaeSexy.com (www.ShantaeOnline.com) visit to purchase IZM hardcopy CD for only $2

We're celebrating this January and want you to too!

Now Or Never

As Summer comes to a smooth end, and Autumn comes into full swing; Shantae Sexy aka Izm Shantae releases new tracks from Now Or Never.

"This is different than any of my other projects,as I'm sticking to R&B/Soul with a hint of Hip Hop. I did my best not to be a lyricist , but a singer or vocalist this time around."

She talks about various interesting topics and adds her usual flare of fun to it.

"Well, I know there are many great Artists out there, I just like to set myself apart to some degree. I like people to say yeah that's definitely a Piekit Record song or you know Shantae Sexy wrote that. To me that's how I'll be looked upon as one of the greats of my time; even as an Indie I have potential to be looked upon as one who is impactful in my era."

Shantae Sexy admits that once the album is complete, she'll be back to her Hip Hop/Danchall preference and looks forward to linking her audience to the various types of musick she likes by doing so.

"My musick is like nothing anyone's ever heard, but I like that, because when you hear my music you know that you're taking a break or adding to the usual."

As for making musick, " I love making music, whether it's accepted or not, it's something that I enjoy doing. I do it because I have fun making it, but if someone hears my musick and likes it too then it's all good."

For more musick or info on Shantae Sexy visit her homepage www.ShantaeOnline.com

Shantae Sexy Performs To Help Stop Violence

Shantae Sexy aka Izm Shantae performed at D&G Stop The Violence Part 5 in Somerset, NJ on Friday July 19th, 2013 at Franklin Middle School.

" I love knowing that I was part of an event that was geared towards inspiring the youth and those who care about their communities."

Shantae performed, International and ended her performance with a note to stop violence and to make it an international movement ; not just a local movement.

"One thing about many stop the violence events is that it only reaches locals, but violence of course is everywhere and people really need to encourage everybody, everywhere for it to really stick"

Does she think it cn stop?

" I think violence can decrease significatnly and even to the most extend but intervened. People , parents, leaders need to step up to the plate and get involved when even a small issue arises. usually it's the small things that lead to much bigger issues."

The crowd was filled with youth from all over , NJ NY and other areas as well. Many great talents were in the building and it was a successful event.

Shantae Sexy hosts Mixtape

Check out DJ Young Cee presents Turf Warz hosted by Shantae Sexy

Featuring exclusive new hot music and mixes from Shantae Sexy, Lloyd Bank$,Chris Brown,Torch,Gucci Mane,French Montana,Kidd Kidd, Priceless da ROC,King Los, Keith Dixon, Dirty Diana, Cory Gunz,Phreshy Duzit,Troy Ave,Kyle Owens,Tuki Carter, Wiz Khalifa, Young Lito,Rick Ross, Smoke DZA, Nikko Lafre.

It's the hottest mixtape to hit the streets in quite some time!

Also available on Dat Piff

Shantae Sexy #10 on ReverbNation!

Today Shantae Sexy made it to #10 on HIP HOP Charts for Trenton, NJ on ReverbNation.

"I want to send much gratitude and thanks to all of my true supporters who listen, love and share my my style of musick. It is greatly appreciated. God Bless" ~ Shantae Sexy

Shantae Sexy to manage New Hip Hop/Soul Artist!

"Who ever knew that being Indie could bring so much joy. Most recently adding to G.I.G. Management Roster is Sunny Tuff (TLI) for the Hip Hop/Soul genre.

Certainly great working with him and looking forward to future projects as well. He's a great spirit; a joy to work with." ~ Shantae Sexy

To listen to more music from Sunny Tuff of TLI/GIG Management visit www.ReverbNation.com/SunnyTuff

Shantae Sexy Takes Hard Blow From Coast2Coast

Indie phenomenon , Shantae Sexy, took blunt criticism from a judging panel on Coast2Coast LIVE Online edition (4/3/2013) .

Judges, Lil Fats (CEO of Coast2Coast), Mike Trampe (HipHopDX) and Baby Paul (Grammy Award-Winning Producer/A&R) referred to her video , Ain't That Simple as cheap, lacking visuals and quality.

The flip side is that 2out of 3 judges agreed that as an Artist Shantae Sexy has potential.

More on this blog at www.ShantaeOnline.com

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