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Denitia Odigie Email Club (May 2010)


Hey yo,

Thanks for being in my (new format) email club. If you've been getting emails from me for a while, you'll notice a few different interactive features here.

For my newbies, thanks for being fans and wanting to stay in touch...All of you are the steam to this here Denitia Odigie engine.. So, thank you for your support. Go indie!


Soooo......the time has come and my very first full-length record, Vitality, is coming out on May 31! You'll be able to buy it online at most any of the popular digital retailers, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc, and of course, from me, personally, at any of my shows, or if you run into me in the streets. SUMMER TOUR!

That brings me to more exciting news, I am going out on The Sessions Summer Tour beginning June 15 with a few other Austin artists: Danny Malone, Aimee Bobruk, and CJ Vinson. We're piling into a van in the heat of the summer to head out east to see what we can stir up. You'll see my tour schedule below, we are adding dates everyday. Read more about The Sessions here: www.thesessions.com/summer-tour. FREE SONG DOWNLOAD! (wha?? yeah, i know, i'm serious though!)

"Tightrope", the first single off my new record, is a song about flying. Well, you'll see what I mean. Fearlessness.

Anyways, for anyone who is in my email club, just click "EXCLUSIVE MUSIC" at the top of this email and BOOM. Free song. Its just that smooth. And for any of your friends, neighbors, roommates, and local grocers who ARE NOT already in this club, send them to www.myspace.com/denitiaodigie, scroll down and click FREE DOWNLOAD to sign up for this email club and get the new free jam!

This song will be free til the record comes out on May 31 so go get it!

Hang on for the Tightrope video in June...


Dudes, dudettes, everybody else: I need you to help me play The Lilith Fair. Remember that ridiculously awesome festival from the 90's that Sarah McLachlan started? I have a good chance to play it when it comes to Texas, but I could use a little extra edge. All YOU have to do is VOTE for me.

Go to www.ourstage.com/go/lilithtexas. Click "Judge as a Fan". You can sign up to judge via FACEBOOK (easy!) or setup a new account (fast!). Then..scroll down to click "Lilith Local Talent Search: Austin, Dallas, and Houston". Click "Artists". Find Denitia Odigie around page 6 (alphabetical order). "FAVORITE" ME. This is so I will come up in your "judging mix". The next part is the fun part. Songs play through and then you can vote on them after a 15 second listen. Do this a couple times until my little face comes up playing my song, "Lover" (another new song from Vitality). Put in your best freakn vote for me and you're done!

An indie artist like me is up against a wall without fans and friends. I sure as heck can't do this one alone. So thank you!!! If it doesn't work or the process is confusing, let me know! Happy voting! THANK YOU

All righty then. Thanks again for all your support, I wish you all the best as we slide into the heat of summer...Get yourself a new summer jam...Download my new song, Tightrope, now.

Be well. Life is in this moment.


Denitia Odigie

hello, east coast, you look lovely today

if not, just a little cold..

i'm in new york city right now, hangin in a friend's apartment (thanks for the crash, mary!). tomorrow, emerson young and i leave for burlington, vermont to play at parima thai restaurant (yum!) to play their acoustic lounge. i had to postpone my montreal and toronto appearances this week due to something something and then something else. i sure do hope i can play there again soon, namely in june. if they will have me, its on....putting my new record together right now too. i decided to call it VITALITY. music born out of an urgency to live. now. an urgency that i, for some reason, associate with my twenties. i've never been older than i am right now, so i'm not sure from where this ageism comes, but nonetheless, there it is. anyways, VITALITY will be out online at the beginning of may. i am a little beside myself about it, as this is my first full length album, in a line of 5 or 6 eps (short records) that i've put out over the past 5 years..thats a lot of eps. anyways... i have been listening again to KING SUNNY ADE's JUJU MUSIC. dang. its so good. afro-pop with a hint of psychadelia. i know that afro-pop influenced bands are all the rage right now in the blogospere and what not. so its interesting to really dig on the derivatives. yeah. anyhow. i'm most excited about putting this record out for all the people in my life, past or present, who have believed in my talent, in me, enough to encourage me. your support for independent music, music that you can feel, music that you have a significant experience with, that support is invaluable. priceless. you have encouraged me, given me the thumbs up, the push forward, and because you believe in the power of authentic, heartfelt creativity, I WANT TO MAKE YOU PROUD. I WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IN MUSIC THAT YOU FEEL. so i guess i'm kinda livin on the edge of everything to prove myself. prove that all of you yeasayers are right. authenticity floats. sincerity is buoyant. passion soars. i want to fly just to prove it.