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Gettin' it going.

Hi guys, Stephen Rhodes here, again. I just posted my status on facebook, myspace and Twitter, after just signing up for Twitter. I feel it in my heart that for any hope I have of people listening to my music, I need to establish a presence on the internet. I've struggled to get going on this, because much on-line stuff is pretty confusing to me. But I've decided to go ahead and just struggle with it, rather than simply ignore it because it drives me nuts! I have two cd's that I'm proud of, and I want people to listen to them. It's that simple. So long for now.

promoting myself

Hi guys. I'm Stephen Rhodes, a songwriter/ musician from Knoxville, Tennesseee. From now on, I intend to focus on promoting my music anyway I can. To date, I have produced two professionaly recorded cd's of my own songs. I'm really proud of these recordings. They are available at cdbaby.com/stephenrhodes- in the cd format and downloadable mp3s-either the entire recording or individual songs. The music has good variety, ranging from solo acoustic tunes to full band rockers. A lot of the stuff is in the country blues vein. I'm fully confident that people will enjoy them.