MaCaATIC TV... 1.7 Millon Views & Counting What exactly is 'MaCaATIC TV' ?

Unless you do not have internet access, you have probably came across one of MaCaATIC's many videos. Released exclusively on YouTube.com thru their official channel http://www.youtube.com/user/jcostar MaCaATIC TV has quickly gained the attention of music enthusiast around the globe.

360+ videos to choose from, the all-star selection includes HD footage with Tech N9ne's Strange Music, Funk Volume, MGK, AZ, Paul Wall, Devin the Dude, Do or Die, Curtis Young, E40, Baby Bash, Lil Rob, DJ Drama, DJ Unk, Governor Hickenlooper, Mayor Bach & many many many more.

But their was one epic encounter that defiantly pushed MaCaATIC TV to the next level. After filming & releasing footage from a 2009 DMX concert in Colorado Springs, the video views quickly began to rise. By the next morning the video gained the attention of every major Hip-Hop news outlet in the world, including VladTV & World Star Hip-Hop. Via the internet, that one DMX video hit over 3 million + views. MaCaATIC TV literally became a viral senstation overnight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV3rfrJspuw

MaCaATIC TV also branched their services & began filming for other artists & a variety of clients. Including music videos, weddings, press conferences, sporting events & more. Owning & operating their own equipment MaCaATIC TV now has the resources to continue releasing HD videos of your favorite artists & events.

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