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Crossroads by Glen River

At the Crossroads, here again, life's a journey, time's your friend At the crossroads, make your choice silent vigil or use your voice I can't tell you how to live. At the Crossroads, you said, I want my way, I want, lots of money, I want, sunny days I want, fame & glory, I want, children too I want, a brand new Cadillac, I want, friends that are true I want, Jesus blessings, I want, all that Zen I want, to be president, & I always want to win. I want, everything life has to give. At the Crossroads, you'll find, an endless maze you'll find, natural selection, you'll find, you got no say you'll find, everyone's a wage slave & the Boss he don't care it's a special relationship they call Lay say fare you'll find, profit in injustice, you'll find, trickery & hate you'll find, stupidity in government and the profits just can't wait for the whole wide world to come tumbling down. At the Crossroads, you, find your path like a repentant sinner saved at last At the Crossroads, you start again, new beginnings or your final end At the Crossroads, clear the slate, choose with courage cause it's your fate Eveready's a crossroads till you learn how to choose, your At the Crossroads, your at the Crossroads.