Tour starts June 25th!!! w/ STRAIGHT LINE STITCH!

We are happy to announce we will be touring the last couple weeks of Straight Line Stitch's US tour starting June 25th in Portland, Oregon at Mt. Tabor!!! We are super excited for the oppurtunity and cannot wait to extend the STI family to the Northwest and Midwest! Make sure to check out Kickstarter.com to help donate some money for we are in need of a better vehicle!! Rewards are in it for you!! Keep checking back for dates!! Thanks for all your continued support and love!!

2012 Kicking off right!!!

The new guys in SEVER THIS ILLUSION have impressed and worked very hard over the last couple of months to ensure STI will not falter or fail! The new music of STI will be unlike anything you have heard before!! We start 2012 off the right way in St. Louis on St. Patricks Day on March 17th at Pop's Music Hall followed by a Headlining local show in Louisville at the Vernon Club on March 31st!!!! Stay tuned for more news and shows!!!


We have gone through auditions for a 2nd guitar player and a replacement for Brett on Bass for the last couple of months and we would like to announce and welcome the new guys to SEVER THIS ILLUSION right here right now!! We would like to welcome our 2nd guitar player, NELSON KOETTER (Shines Negative) and our new Bassist, BENNY PATTON (Ten Ton Hype Machine)!!!! We are super excited for the future and cannot wait to bring out some new tunes for you guys to hear!! It's sure to make your ears bleed!!!

Brett to take a step down.

We are sad and regret to inform all of you that Brett "Crazy" Marshall will be taking a step down from Bass to embark in other journeys. We will miss him and wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses! Thanks for the good times and hope to see you in the Pit!

On a good note we have been auditioning Bassists and a 2nd guitar player and things are looking very promising! We hope to announce our new members very soon!! Keep checking back for updates!


Turkey Vulture Records Presents: SEVER THIS ILLUSION and DEVASTATION DEVICE on the DEEP SOUTH TOUR! Booking Now!!! Be sure to contact Turkey Vulture Records or either band to help get this great tour in your town now!!

Dates -

Sept 22nd - TBA Sept 23rd - Booking Now! Tennesee area! Sept 24th - TBA Sept 25th - Mugg's Pub - Memphis, TN Sept 26th - Booking Now! Arkansas Sept 27th - Booking Now! Northern Louisiana Sept 28th - Booking Now! Dallas Area Sept 29th - Booking Now! Houston Area Sept 30th - Booking Now! Southern Miss or Souther Alabama Oct 1st - Booking Now! Pensacola, FL Oct 2nd- Booking Now! Panama City, FL Oct 3rd - Booking Now! Tallahasse, FL Oct 4th - Booking Now! Orlando or Tampa, FL Oct 5th - Booking Now! Daytona Beach or Jacksonville FL Oct 6th - Booking Now! Savannah, GA Area Oct 7th - Booking Now! South Carolina Oct 8th- Booking Now! South Carolina or North Carolina Oct 9th - Booking Now! Eastern Tennesse or West Virginia

Hope to hear from you guys!! Thanks!

Tour Cancelled

We are sorry to inform everyone but THE HARDER THE BETTER TOUR w/ Mobile Deathcamp and Sever this Illusion will be cancelled for the summer. It will be delayed until a further notice. But we will be booking our asses off so hit us up!!


SEVER THIS ILLUSION will be supporting MOBILE DEATHCAMP on their first nationwide tour!! Dates to be released very soon!! Some of the dates are Denver, Colorado - Tacoma, Washington and Kennewick, Washington! More dates will be announced soon!! We are super excited and cannot wait for this oppurtunity!! More big news to follow very soon!! Thanks to all of our friends, family and fans for your continued support!!


Turkey Vulture Records presents


Booking Now for this incredible show!! June - November at a venue near you. Both Bands will be selling their anticipated albums this summer and hope to drag everyone with them. Message either band or Turkey Vulture Records directly for more info. UNIDENTIFIED ASSASSINS and NATION OF EXTINCTION now avaliable on www.101d.com!!

Exclusive Interview up now!!!

Make sure to check this out!!! WWW.THENEWSENTERPRISE.com!!

Nov 26th Debut of New Guitar Players!

This November 26th @ Phoenix Hill Tavern will turn an epic page in the STI world.� We had a sudden change of events occur in the band and had to react fast and with precaution to overcome the obstacles that were thrown in our way.� Black Metal Friday embarks a new journey and we hope all we come to witness this new chapter in our life.� Nick Glass and Jeff Lawson both from Elizabethtown, Kentucky have joined forces with STI to bring even more raw material and more energy to the band.� Both have a very keen ear for music and will add a new level for the band in ways we've never imagined.� We are excited to introduce the 2 of them and hope all will join us on November 26th to welcome Nick and Jeff to the STI family.� The both of them along with the band have been working hard to play Black Metal Friday and will be playing a somewhat of a shorter set that will hopefully make you want more and maybe even a suprise song!!� thanks to all our fans for sticking by us we will see all of you soon!!