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hey, sooooo first blog

so im trying to stay on top of my life...my music is my life, if you are a listener of my music you are my life...so yes..staying on top of my life. im excited to keep you guys updated with whats going on in my life..although i have not much to say expect that im setting up this music page with Reverbnation, and doing what i can on my own..updates, yada yada...im excited. i love how technology allows dummies like me to not be so dummy... right on. -v

Michelle Borders
Michelle Borders  (over 6 years ago)

I quickly became a fan as soon as you started singing your audition on the Voice. I appreciate the fact that you seem to hold true to yourself and your heart. It is very rare in this world to see someone with your drive, ambition, and truth to self. It seems that you will hold strong and get everything you strive for, Best of luck in all your ventures and hope to see you in Florida.

Brookie Cookiie
Brookie Cookiie  (about 6 years ago)

ha ha the internet can be soo complicated to me somtimess :)

nice 1st blog miss :D
yess i agree with the others your music is epic!!
one of a kind ,calming voice that u cant hear no where elsee
makes me a hugee fan!

hope all is welll

==>> Brookie