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These tour dates are coming up so quickly! The first one is next weekend, the 25th and 26th in North Carolina with Lady Antebellum. If you will be there, please, come say hello! All my Atlanta friends, get your tickets for the May 17th show, one month from now with Jason Aldean and FLGA Line. I'm so pumped about my new wardrobe for the show that Belk is providing as well. Girls can't deny the love for new clothes.

More info here: http://www.belk.com/AST/Featured/Promo_Details/ModernSouthernMusic.jsp?cm_sp=Universal-_-Footer-_-2_032314_FeaturedShop_ModernSouthernMusic_LearnMore

I'm so excited.


Honored to be in Belk's Southern Music Showcase

Well, some exciting things are happening this week for me, and before I go blasting my social media about it, I figured I should fill you in.

Southern Musician Winners

The department store Belk hosted a Southern Music Showcase contest where they searched the southeast and got over 2,000 musician entries. Out of six total winners...I was one of them. (!) Was I surprised? Absolutely! But entirely thrilled and honored to even have had just the opportunity to play the live audition round in Nashville last month. Now, here I am, one month later and about to take a plane to Charlotte, NC for the first time to play the showcase for who knows how many people. OH--and then in Dallas, TX (another first) a couple days later for a Belk grand opening. A little nervous, a little jittery, but overall feeling overwhelmingly excited and grateful for such a fun opportunity. Did I mention I get to look like a rockstar too?! Belk's fashion team sent me several outfits to choose from, and all from some of my favorite brands--Free People, Dolce Vita, Erica Lyons and others. Pretty stoked to get my makeup and hair done too!

I promise to keep you in the loop with everything going on while I am on the road.

Couldn't do it without all the support. Thank you.


Read the press release HERE: http://www.belk.com/AST/Featured/Promo_Details/ModernSouthernMusic.jsp?cm_sp=Universal-_-Footer-_-4_032314_FeaturedShop_ModernSouthernMusic_LearnMore

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