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Phoenix temps hit 82, Monday, December 13th

I don't know if i should take the day off and go swimming or what lol I'm sure not getting much recording done as i'd like lol Sometimes i miss those big snow storms that shut everything down, and then you can stay home and play music ALL day !

Push toward your Mojo

Sometimes, a song writer just needs to play, sing, write whatever is happening in their lives... Good, bad, or the ugly all make for great songs! Just gotta push threw on days where you seem to have misplaced your MOJO.

DAW vs 4/8 track recording

I've been experimenting with Ableton, Riffworks, and Reaper, as well as with my Micro BR digital recorder. I can't seem to be totally happy with one OR the other. I've lately been using a combination of the two to get job done...

Life in a scorching desert land...

This will be the place i will update with what is going on here in the Phoenix Arizona area... Music, life, recording, lyrics, broken guitar strings, tangled chords, bs; whatever is in my mind to share with my friends on RN!

Your friend, Tommy..

PS. I welcome your thoughts as well, please share them...

Satchwood  (over 7 years ago)

I use to perform a lot, and miss it; but being a recording artist comes with its own set of challenges.

Right now I'm working hard at trying to achieve that 'perfect' sound in this big world wide digital planet...

Can we ever achieve 'perfect' guitar tone, vocal or piano sounds, realistic effects, reverb quality, delay?

And who cares more then the recording & performing artists!

Satchwood  (over 7 years ago)

Hmm, I just edited one of my own replies, and the blog did an auto delete. Hmm, don't like that feature lol