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On the album Transcendence Marty calls upon A-list drummer Sean O'Rourke (Sugarland, Derek Trucks, Mothers Finest, Aquarium Rescue Unit) to help create an album that transcends genres and displays his virtuosic guitar abilities. Combining the power of Blues,Rock, with Pop sensibilities and Funk grooves "Transcendence" grabs a hold of you and takes you for musical ride thats fun and emotive. The songs are well crafted and show a youthful fire, while maintaining maturity beyond his years.Working with producer Sketch Ellis was one of the final pieces to the puzzle for this album allowing Marty to capture the sounds he hears in his head and the powerful performances he produces live to this album

Marty taking over as vocalist.

I am proud and excited to announce that I have taken over as the soul vocalist for my band,(as many of you know I have been singing a few songs a night at shows for while now). After tons of support from my fans and friends. I have decided this is the best move for me to grow as a musician, entertainer and artist. My first performance as a the only vocalist in the band went really well. The crowd responded well and we rocked the place. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in the transition and say its only going to get better from here guys!!!!!

Post Foghat and Fabulous Thunderbirds show!

Opening for Foghat and the Fabulous thunder birds was a blast, made a lot of knew fans!!! It was also great to see a lot of MMB t shirts in the crowd, thank you to all the fans who came and showed your support. There are plenty more MMB events to look forward to and more big news on the way. I am currently gearing up for the first MMB fan appreciation night. I am going to buy everyone a drink that night who comes to see me and the band. I dont care if its a coke, beer or whiskey. Everyone gets one free drink!. This is a way for me to say thank you for all the love and support you all have shown me. until next time ~ Marty

Gearing up for the Foghat and Fabulous Thunderbirds show!!!

The band is about to start rehearsal for the big show July 16th. Looking forward to reaching some new fans and performing at The Mable House. It will be good to be able to work out new set with the band. We have been really busy the last couple of months with gigs and writing, so a chance to work up a new show and Jam with the guy's is very welcome!!!!