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The band and why we hope you understand our minds!

With the release of our first album, we have been having so many folks letting us know how great they think what were doing is. This first album was a sort of war cry to finally get our music to ear drums of those hungry folks who have been wanting to hear our stuff for so long. Mostly friends and family. To hear what we have been doing for so long in our collective bedrooms all night. This new amazing thing has happend. We have all these new folks who hear us and can't believe what we're doing. Now, we're not dumb. We know of the bands before us who have led the way for what were able to do. So we don't act like we are the first guys to be able to pull off the two piece with such ease. Hell, Black Keys are the reason why we're making music the way we do. But to have these people come up and tell us they don't understand how two guys can make that much noise and only be a two piece band is just, unbelievable. The feedback has been a steady stream since we have began. It's been all over the charts now since we released Benefit. All the shows, all 50+ over the last year and change, Can't beat that with a stick. We have also played at State Theatre 3 times. 2 of those being to crowds of almost a thousand faces. Been at almost every venue Tampa has to offer. Performed live on the radio promoting our album. Also, getting radio play for our album. It's been a rush. Something that's hard to describe to people who don't perform music. That feeling of complete accomplishment when you get recognition from people who you have never met or spoke a word to before in your life, but we're completly floored at what you created that one day when you stumbled out of bed, wanderd over to the guitar and came up with the first chord and three words. Its been non-stop for us. Since we performed the first show in December of 09 we've only had one month where we didn't have at least one show, Which was because of Christmas. Other than that, we have been in drive. Always writing new material. It's coming to us faster and faster the longer we are together. We're starting work on the next album already. We started the first one back a year ago in July. Led up untill January of this year. Even though it's only been out for small amount of time we can't hold off on getting prepped for the next one. Always better to have to much material to work with rather then have nothing. We have about 25 or so ideas we are working with currently. We're going to make this next one a big album. 13 or 14 tracks. One cover song. Which we can't tell any of you guys about. Just going to have to wait and see if you can tell who the band is that we are covering. We have been listening to a lot of fiftys music latley so, its going to carry over to this album. A few of the new ideas are going to be in similar style. Keeping this one a bit toned down, but stil kick your ass. We would like to thank everyone, honestly. You all have been such a help to us and we can't say thanks enough. It really makes us feel the best we ever felt. Don't want it to stop. We're going to keep on going for the year. Booking as many shows as we can book. Sell through this album, and get them in to as many hands as we possibly can. Working on getting radio play for it as well. Promo for the album. A small tour possibly. and planning for next years big adventure to the East. We might be calling England our home for a month or more next year. Stay tuned for that. Might just have to catch a plane to come see us live! in London. Thank you all again, Keep up to date with the always delevoping maddness at our facebook page [www.facebook.com/redrockits] Take care till next time -Allen

Enjoying a night in Good ole Ybor

Our debut performance went off without a hitch. This was the first time the both of us had been walking a stage without a full arrangment behind us. A bit scary at first but once you hit those first opening sequences you know your golden. The playing on both our parts went perfectly. Hittin every note perfect. As if we have been waiting for this new avenue to open to allow these new feelings flood our memoires. Our first chance to bring our music to the people, and it couldn't of gone any better. The crowd favorites included our opening song "Probably a Lie" as well as the venue appopriate "Old Number 7". But what brougt down the house was our last number "Economy". Having the whole place clapping only futhers the ease of having the notes roll off the fretboard with flawlessness. Again couldn't of had gone any better. Were now in the process of getting more shows down in Tampa, as well as getting our new self recorded album/demo to small independent record lables and shops. It looks like things are going pretty good now. Originals are comming to us each time we plug in and we can only go higher!

The beginning

Now that were free to explore the limitless possibilities of our own brains,were here to bring good music back to the greater masses.Rob and myself are working on bringing people music thats worth listening to, and worthing raising your boots off the ground to dance to. The elements kept simple, down to the roots. An acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, maby a drum, maby a banjo, and maby a bass. We have just started really working out new ideas. Rob and I have been in the same band for almost three years. Performing heavier rock and roll. Which was a blast all its own. But all good things must come to an end, and that end was only another beginning to what we are now. We hope to bring good tunes to your ears. If you get a chance come down and check out a show we might be performing in. Can never go wrong with old folk and blues. Dig music.