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Something is stirring....

Coming soon!

Seeking new singer

Meg's commitments to work and tattooing have forced her to make a tough decision to leave the band (again). We wish her all the best! Now we need a new female lead singer. We've got the songs, we've got the gear, the space, we're at the point where we're ready to start touring and really pushing for a record deal... we need an awesome, charismatic, creative fem to take the front position!


Got the EP done, really happy with it, and the mp3's are now showing up on amazon...now we gotta get some press!

Our first EP!

Almost ready to upload for sale online, and print for sale at shows...could not be more excited!

Working the non-music of the music biz

So what are we up to right now? Video. Why? 'Cause I can do it, which keeps it cheap. 'Cause we can stream it from Youtube, and also place it all over Facebook, which unfortunately you can't do with music, as we all know. EP. Pete's mixing up the EP, we hope to have it ready to roll by this summer. Merch. Yep, trying to get some merch together. Couple of t-shirt designs, a hat logo...got some business cards printed up...we may not have much audience for it, but we'll have something ready for when we do. Oh, and Meg is ALMOST ready to start tattoo practice on actual humans. Awesome! Michael