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First entry...better be freaking sweet.

Hey...what's up? Now I know all you die-hards are going to be like, "Who's this chump trying to jump into HtS and be their official blogger/other guitarist/additional sex symbol?!" Well, for those of you who don't know me, my name's Shane Gann. I'm from Orange County, and no, I don't act like the rest of the turdjugglers around there. I go to school with your three favourites (Donny, Aric, and Juan/Ched/Julia), and I've been musically involved with Donovan for quite some time now (I guess you could say we're musically dating...it's cute). And they've asked me to join forces and do battle with them as a part of Hail The Sun. Obviously, I accepted the duty, because their music is effing bomb. And now we have news, and since I started this page, it's my job to tell you what the news is. So, since I joined in August, this is what's been going on:

-We've played 3 shows, and have 2 more lined up for the next 2 weeks (check the Shows section). -We've started working with the Artist Management section of Wild Oak Music Group (through the school), who has helped us map out our goals, and realize where we want to be by the end of the year (you're gonna love the shit we do; I guarantee it [to be read in Men's Warehouse guy's voice]) -We just finished out second new song, and now have to write lyrics. One or both will be unveiled at our Cafe Coda show on the 20th, so be there! -We have recorded a new version of There's Plenty Of Fish In The Sea (Too Bad You're Not A Fish), which is currently being mastered by The Master, Meche. It'll be up asap, and you'll all eargasm (again, guaranteed). -We have a show at Mai's on the 25th, so you SoCal homies better show up!

I hope I've lived up to your expectations as a member of HtS/blogger, and I hope you're not bored by my words. But if you are, and you still made it this far, DGAF, because you read the important shizz (lol...can't believe I put DGAF).

Until next time, I bid thee a fond farewell, Shane

P.S. Future entries will not be so lengthy, but this was the first one, so I did it up big like Diddy woulda.