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Game has changed

Music today has so much politics involved that is sickening but it's good to know that independent artists have a unique opportunity today with the Internet. Social networks have helped to break many new artists and even Internet radio is building momentum. I love the fact that we can hear new emerging artists instead of having to listen to the radio with the handpicked artists already pre-determined for success. Nothing against the major artists out there who have been fortunate or not so fortunate to be signed depending on your perspective with that issue which is typically a lack of an equal share of revenue or in most cases signing deals that borders on insanity for the sake of stardom. However, there are advantages to be a part of the machine, I mean let's face it, if they play a song 1000 times a day eventually it will grow on you. Whereas, the independent artists do not have such options at least not initially until we can build our fanbase and then dictate terms. In any event, shout out is to all the fans of independent good music and those of us pushing hard without major support or radio. We truly may not love the game but the music and fortunately for us, the game done changed. Your boy,Stephan

My Music

I all, another sunny day in South Beach and I am excited to be a part of ReverbNation. I just finished up my album and appreciate all the positive feeback. I add my song "Who's Loving You?" which is a song about lost love which I am sure all can relate. Give me a shout! Peace and Grease, Stephan