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Free our minds

Spirituality is about liberating ourselves from our minds. When mind is not, then love, peace and bliss will prevail. We will be in full of awareness.


The return of Man to his Godliness state through music

In the days of uncertainties, calamities and adversities most of us are living in constant fear of what is going to happen tomorrow. We have been disconnected with the essence of Godliness in us. Most of us are not aware of that as we were taught to compete with each other in this mad world called the rat race. Our ignorant outlook in life has taken over us. Therefore, there's so much violence, mainly due to disagreement among people with different point of views and egoistic standoffs. What the world needs now is some form of healing energy or vibrations to bring back the cosmic harmony of man to merge with his inborn Godliness and thereby attune back to the source. Serene and soothing music were proven from the early days of mystics and healers to heal and invigorate the human body to conform to his innate state of well being.