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The New Album From Sengbe Ben Yosef The new album from Sengbe Ben Yosef aka Ridgley Makins is out now. The title of the album is “RIDGLEY MAKINS IS DEAD”. This project is only available on his site for now, so if you want to take a peek you have to see it there. He is under a different name but the music is still some of the best I've heard. Sengbe always delivers the goods. The music is dope and lyrics are progressive and insightful. This project is all rebel music even the song “Be Loved” a single on the album is a hard hitting track. It has a smooth tone and tempo but the lyrics are powerful and deep. If you know social media then you will fully get “Be Loved”. Sengbe has given us twelve more tracks from his collection and it’s some of the best R&B Soul and Hip Hop I have heard in a good little while. His sound is unique in every way. Just when you think you know him, he turns around and drops something like “Truth” another song I really love on this album. The music on “Truth” is straight dope and even though Sengbe is a soul singer at heart this track will have Mc’s looking over their shoulders and wondering if Sengbe is out there. The Neo-Soul tracks on the album are great but I really think you will be pleasantly surprised by how good the Hip Hop tracks are on the album. All in all I have to say it’s a winner for me. This is the kind of creativity the industry needs right now, with everyone damn near sounding the same Sengbe Ben Yosef is a breath of fresh air. Friends please take a break from the industry clones and drop in on an amazing artist who just wants to be heard. After you listen take time to support this guy and let’s keep him doing what he does because we really need artist like him. Remember the album is “RIDGLEY MAKINS IS DEAD”. It is the first under the name Sengbe Ben Yosef and if you want to hear his earlier work look him up on the major retailers under the name Ridgley Makins on Itunes, Amazon, etc. You won’t be sorry you took time to check him out. He also has a nice interview on the home page of his website. Check him out.