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2012 HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!

This year we have alot of goals set up for ourselves as this year unfurls itself.We are currently working on a full length album,new members,new material,and a new outlook on how this year is gonna work.Be sure to check out our shows booked Feb-May.See you out there.


We have had an awesome and amazing year playing with some really talented bands and getting to meet some hardcore dedicated people that give bands like us a chance.To those of you,THANK YOU! We got a chance to play The Paladium in Worcester MA,as well as being part of The Metalympics in Greenfield MA. Special thanks to Graham Russin and Ron Dawg for giving us the hook up!!! Year ain't over yet,and we still have a couple of more shows to go. We will be taking a couple month break to write better material for you to punch babies with!!!!See you soon!!!And be sure to check out our vlogs at http://www.youtube.com/user/freemansctlocalmusic?feature=mhee

Grand Band Slam

Vote for us for the Hartford Advocate Grand Slam http://www.hartfordadvocate.com/features/grand-band-slam/2011/voting/


Thank you for checking our our page,still under contruction!Stay Posted!!