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The Snufmeg catalog is being mirrored here at Reverbnation. There are some track omissions - due to file size restraints (at this moment - "I Can't Stand my Artistic Mind" from Pros Jam with Pros, and "Music" from Experiment in Stupidity). But, fear not, you aren't really missing out ... because our "home" is over at bandcamp. Since, we already had a presence here, we felt rather than abandon our fans at RN, we'd stay.

Bright Days Ahead for Snufmeg at Reverbnation

A deal has been struck with a previously adversarial entity, and it appears that not only will there be a stoppage in the loss of content here, but we will work in tandem with said entity to buttress and enhance content for Snufmeg related works!

More Loss of Talent here

The ongoing dispute with an entity calling itself Snufmeg, someplace else, has resulted in the forced exclusion of any material by Bulb. Our catalog remains with Speed Blimp, DG&H, and Prosmoq.

Goodbye Cheese Mites

In the interest of satisfying the legal restrictions placed on us here by another entity calling itself Snufmeg, elsewhere, we are no longer able to present any Snufmeg related material by any artists other than Speed Blimp, DG&H, Bulb, and Prosmoq. For those of you who have been following our pages, The Cheese Mites were always favored. We will miss them.

"By the Throat"

new song .... find it (as with all new additions) toward the bottom of playlist


Music doesn't matter. Sound is everything. If a song is gone, so be it. Only when sound is cheapened into a commodity is it "worth" anything, at which point, sound means nothing and possessing the spaces between our fingers is everything, And that is nothing. Viva deleting songs, forget old ones and waiting with baited breath for the next sound ...

Andalusian Holiday

At this point a clearly more tuneful landscape is represented in the Snufmeg list. There is one track remaining in the list from the admittedly discordant "Experiment in Stupidity" session ("Sex").

Good bye original VYS!

I hope you all got yr fill of the classic "Vomit Your Senses" by the Cockroach Man Band. It was the longest running and most listened to song in our chart! We now have a record to break. A new record is set by Bulb, with now three songs in the chart; the latest entry - "Clarinet."

Welcome to the Snufmeg Blog

As the title says. Random thoughts; sensical and otherwise.