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Strange Universe Has Arrived!

With Strange Universe, his eighth full length release, The Man From RavCon (a.k.a. Mike Brown) invites you along for a sonic voyage to the heart of the Universe.

As with his most recent releases - The Puzzle Master (2015), Skyscraper (2013) and The Traveler (2012) - which earned the respect of a wide range of websites, blogs, and publications, Strange Universe further expands on The Man From RavCon's instrumental explorations into the realms of melodic, ambient, psychedelic progressive rock. Mellotron enriched arrangements accentuated by piano, organ and harpsichord combine with interweaving synths, throbbing bass, and dynamic percussion to provide the scenic backdrop for melodic guitar work. Although Instrumental, Strange Universe should certainly not be considered background music (as one listen with a nice set of headphones will readily reveal), but as the soundtrack for a voyage of the mind. As reviewer, Ian Jane, of rockshockpop.com remarked, The Man From RavCon's music is "the type of thing you want to lie down and listen to alone in the dark, just to really take it all in properly." Once again, artist Tyler Strouth provides striking cover and gatefold imagery that perfectly reflects the music within.

Listen to Strange Universe in it's entirety and purchase the CD or download at CD Baby. It is also available from a wide range of retailers and streaming services, including deepeddy.net, Amazon.com, the iTunes Store, and Spotify.

Strange Universe

The release date for Strange Universe, The Man From RavCon's eight album, has been set for November 11, 2016. Visit manfromravcon.com for the latest updates.

New Website

Check out the brand new official website at http://www.manfromravcon.com

The Puzzle Master

The Man From RavCon's seventh album, The Puzzle Master, will be released on March 3, 2015!

An Interview with The Man From RavCon

w/Robert Silverstein at mwe3.com: http://www.mwe3.com/reviews/ManFromRavCon2014/

Skyscraper On Sale Now

Skyscraper, the new Man From RavCon release is now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/themanfromravcon4

Skyscraper Arrives Oct. 15!

The new Man From RavCon release, Skyscraper, will be available for purchase on October 15, 2013.

Win a copy of Skyscraper!

Details here: https://www.facebook.com/ravcon

The Traveler Has Arrived!

The new Man From RavCon release, The Traveler, is now available at CD Baby, Amazon.com and the iTunes store! More distributors to be announced soon.

The Traveler

The brand new Man From RavCon CD, The Traveler, will be released Wed. Aug 1. For a limited time, you can preview the entire album here at ReverbNation.